Orange Economy meaning explained in Colombia

The Orange Economy meaning was explained by David in his speech at the national Congress of ANATO in Medellin, Colombia.

His speech was: “Inspiration for Travel Agencies from Creativity, Innovation and the Orange Economy Worldwide”.

David speaks worldwide on the Orange Economy, Creativity in Business and Creative Entrepreneurship.

The Orange Economy meaning is unclear to many people because it is a broad concept, embracing the creative industries, the Experience Economy, the Creative Economy and the Cultural Economy, each of which is defined slightly differently and interpreted in different countries in ways which are most relevant to their own circumstances, economics and business culture.

The ‘creative industries’ is also referred to as the ‘creative and cultural industries‘ or the ‘creative and digital industries‘ or the ‘creative industry‘ within the ‘creative economy‘.

Most recently they have been called the ‘Orange Economy‘ (La Economía Naranja) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The terminology can be confusing!

Broadly speaking, the term ‘creative industries’ refers to a range of economic activities that are concerned with the generation and commercialisation of creativity, ideas, knowledge and information.

The ‘creative industries’ in a nutshell…

The term ‘creative industries’ describes businesses with creativity at their heart – for example design, music, publishing, architecture, film and video, crafts, visual arts, fashion, TV and radio, advertising, literature, computer games and the performing arts.

David is an Orange Economy speaker at conferences and other events in Latin America, the Caribbean and around the world. He brings his international experience of new business models in the Orange Economy to audiences worldwide. David’s keynote speeches, presentations and workshops inform and inspire both creative entrepreneurs and policy makers in the Orange Economy.
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Orange Economy meaning explained

“Working with David has been a great pleasure and a fantastic learning experience, his presentations and workshops full of strategic knowledge and valuable insights plus his warm approach to people left the public tremendously engaged, inspired and eager to follow trough the learnings. I highly appreciate the professionalism and dedication to the project and the quality time spent with David on a personal level, very much recommend his mentoring! Looking forward to work together again in the near future.”
Juan Diego Ortiz – Coolture Investments, Bogota – Colombia
Organisers of Festival Naranja.

As an Orange Economy speaker, David has delivered speeches and presentations at conferences and events including the following:

ANATO National Congress in Medellin, Colombia
International speaker on “Inspiration for Travel Agencies from Creativity, Innovation and the Orange Economy Worldwide” (more…)

WORTH Partnership project weekend in Spain
Masterclass “How to be a Successful Creative Entrepreneur” to open the conference for
designer fashion entrepreneurs in Valencia, Spain (more…)

Creative Business Summit Africa
Keynote speech on the Business of Creativity’ at this pan-African conference in Nairobi, Kenya (more…)

International Forum “Territorios Innovadores” in Colombia
International speaker on developing creative entrepreneurship in BioDiverse cities in the Colombian Orange Economy (more…)

Curaçao Creative Economy
Orange Economy speaker at the ‘Connecting the Dots’ event for creative entrepreneurs in Willemstad, plus workshops on business strategy and intellectual property (more…)

Festival Naranja Orange Economy Conference
Orange Economy speaker on ‘Successful Creative Entrepreneurship in the Orange Economy Worldwide’, plus a workshop and interviews in Bogotá, Colombia (more…)