Business Inspiration for Travel Agencies in Colombia (videos)

These videos are excerpts from David’s speech for travel agencies in Colombia, when he spoke at the National Congress of ANATO in Medellin, with his speech entitled “Inspiration for Travel Agencies from Creativity, Innovation and the Orange Economy”.

Opening section in which David invites delegates to join him on “a trip around the world” to discover business ideas from creativity and innovations in the Orange Economy and other industry sectors.

David explains the different meanings of ‘Creativity’ and how creativity can be used profitably in the travel industry and other sectors.

David gives examples of how we can learn from other industries, adopting and adapting innovative business models to use to make our own businesses even more profitable and successful.

In this video, David explains the concept of the Orange Economy, sharing his experience of the creative industries in the UK and his work around the world with the Creative Economy, the cultural industries and the Experience Economy.

The book “T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity” has been published in Spanish in Colombia and in other translations around the world. David explains the business logic of giving away the book as a free downloadable PDF eBook in English, using the Freemium business model.

The ‘Lean Startup’ methodology is used in the digital industries and can be adopted for innovations in other industry sectors, including travel agencies and other travel businesses.

In concluding his speech, David urges delegates from travel agencies to use creativity, to learn from other industries and to create innovative business models to make their enterprises even more successful. He concludes with the Spanish phrases for ‘Good Journey’ and ‘Good Luck!’.

Full speech with simultaneous translation into Spanish.
“Inspiración Para Las Agencias De Viajes: Creatividad, Innovación Y La Nueva Economía Naranja.”

Business Inspiration for Travel Agencies in Colombia

David presented a copy of his marketing book in Spanish to the President of ANATO, Paula Cortés Calle. He also gave signed copies of the Spanish translation of the book to board members of ANATO and a selection of delegates to the Congress.

David inspires audiences around the world as a travel speaker and keynote speaker on business creativity, creative entrepreneurship, the Orange Economy, marketing, the creative industries, international business and the creative economy.