Business Creativity in Armenia

David spoke about Business Creativity at a series of events in Armenia organised in partnership with Leadership School Armenia.

Business creativity in Armenia

David gave a lecture to students at Leadership School Armenia. His lecture “How to be an Effective Leader” was based on his insights from personal experience of leadership and management.

At IT Center Ghukasavan, David made a presentation to students, focusing on startups in the creative and digital industries.

He gave a presentation to employees of Picsart, explaining how creativity can be nurtured and improved to enhance innovation and business success. He spoke about his own experience of innovation and his business creativity workshops with companies which help them to generate new ideas to increase profitability.

David was invited by Digitain to make a speech to employees about i-Creativity and how it can be applied in various ways to help businesses become even more successful. He also answered various questions relating to creativity in innovation and management.

At a public lecture, David made a speech about “i-Creativity for Innovation, Impact and Profits”. David included examples from around the world and his work with clients to help them to become more creative and successful.

David also met with the publisher Antares. Antares published the Armenian translation of David’s book “T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity” in 2017.

In Yerevan, David met with Narek Tovmasyan at the British Council, to discuss further collaborations to support the cultural and creative industries in Armenia.

“David Parrish has unique views and experience in creatively solving business problems, strategic thinking and innovation. His insights and advice are esp. valuable during these times of uncertainty (e.g COVID) and accelerating changes. We were honored to host David in Yerevan for meetings with innovators and future business leaders of Armenia.”
Samvel Movsisyan | founder, Leadership School Armenia

“David’s workshop was a terrific use of Picsart team time. Having creativity as part of our DNA, our team members are always looking for the ways to maximise it to better serve our community of creators. The ideas and insights generated as a result from the session are invaluable and enriched our own understanding of how we can further nurture our corporate culture of innovation and creativity, Many thanks to David!”
Sona Hovhannisyan, Picsart University, Armenia

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The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses
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The Long and Winding Road…
Read about David’s story and his unconventional career path.

David Parrish is an expert in business creativity.

business creativity speaker and workshop leader David Parrish

David delivers and facilitates in-house Business Creativity Workshops to generate ideas within companies and teach business creativity techniques to participants. For example he worked with the Abudawood Group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to run an in-house training workshop for business leaders on creativity techniques to bring about profitable change.

He has also worked with Independent Container Lines (ICL Ltd) to deliver business creativity workshops to help this shipping company generate new profitable ideas and apply business creativity to achieve greater success.

“The Creativity Workshop was insightful. I enjoyed the various techniques how to encourage creative ‘out of the box’ thinking. I will definitely use Pre-Mortem and B2F daily. David was interesting, clear and concise. He listened to us and was expert in his field.. As a result of the workshop I have noted several action points and will definitely employ some of the methods learned.”
– Christine Berry. Independent Container Lines (ICL Ltd)

David has helped hundreds of businesses in more than 60 countries world-wide in his capacity as a consultant, trainer and speaker.

For more information about David as a business creativity speaker or business creativity workshop leader, contact David at one of his offices.