Creative Business Development Workshop in Kazakhstan

David designed and delivered a creative business development workshop for the Art2B Entrepreneurs in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The entrepreneurs who participated in the creative business development workshop are growing their businesses strategically, with the help of the Art2B project at Impact Hub in Almaty. David was invited to Kazakhstan to help these and other creative entrepreneurs to become even more successful.

The ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop has been delivered in several countries around the world and was adapted to the needs of the Kazakhstan creative economy and the particular requirements of the individuals attending the interactive workshop.

“The workshop was inspiring and practical. David was very precise, insightful, resourceful and professional. Thank you for your time, insights and genuine interest in inspiring and empowering creative entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan.”
– Indira Shah. Co-Founder, Impact Hub Almaty. Kazakhstan.

In addition to using the main concepts and techniques that are part of the Designing Your Creative Business (DYCB) process, toolkit and workshop, David supplied further resources and information. These are also available free online to other creative enterprises in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and worldwide.

Free resources include:
– PDF eBook: ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ in English (link>>>)
– Article in English, Russian and other languages: “Create Your Own Business Formula” (link>>>)
– Online video training course in Strategic Planning (link>>>)

Other free resources for creative entrepreneurs world-wide are on this website.


creative business development workshop with David Parrish in Kazakhstan

creative business development workshop with David Parrish in Kazakhstan