Free Online Courses for Cultural Entrepreneurs

The EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme has published two free online courses for cultural and creative entrepreneurs: a strategic planning course online and a marketing course online for cultural and creative entrepreneurs.

These courses are free for creative and cultural entrepreneurs world-wide.

See David’s Marketing Videos and Strategic Planning Videos used in these online courses.

Written and presented by David Parrish, the free strategic planning course has been designed especially for entrepreneurs in the cultural industries and creative industries, including cultural institutions, freelance practitioners, cultural enterprises, creative entrepreneurs and cultural businesses.

David Parrish, a specialist in creative and cultural industries, will tell you about striking a balance between creativity and business. By examining real cases and examples, you will learn to analyse the market, the advantages and disadvantages of your organisation, and how to find your own niche.

The strategic planning course consists of 5 lectures that you will be able to complete in 30 minutes. During the course, you will learn about classical and original methods for building a strategy. On completion of a short test at the end of the free online courses, you will receive a certificate.

David designed and presented both free online courses for cultural and creative entrepreneurs.

Also written and presented by David Parrish, the free marketing course has been designed especially for entrepreneurs in the cultural industries and creative industries, including cultural institutions, freelance practitioners, cultural enterprises, creative entrepreneurs and cultural businesses.

By completing David’s intensive course you will learn how to carry out market research, work with clients and build a marketing strategy.

David Parrish, a specialist on cultural and creative industries, has developed original innovative methods for integrating cultural and business practices. Using these free online courses, you will be able to complete the five lectures of this course in 20 minutes. Upon completion of a short test, you will receive a certificate from the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme has published three main rules for marketing cultural projects.

David’s Three Rules for Marketing Cultural Projects is part of the free online marketing course.

As well as the free online courses, David also designed and delivered creative business training workshops on Strategic Planning for Cultural and Creative Enterprises in Georgia, Belarus and Azerbaijan for the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme.

In addition to the free online courses, there is more about marketing cultural projects in the marketing book  ’Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs’.

Marketing course online free

‘Chase One Rabbit’ strategic marketing book, Audiobook and eBook

David’s free online courses build on content published in his book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’.

Free online course for cultural entrepreneurs

T-Shirts and Suits book, Audiobook and eBook.

The Culture & Creativity EU-Eastern Partnership Programme is designed to help the cultural industries and creative enterprises in Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova.

The Programme is managed by a consortium led by the British Council, in partnership with the Soros Foundation-Moldova, the National Centre for Culture of Poland and the Goethe-Institute.

David is an international keynote speaker and author on marketing.

He works world-wide as a marketing speaker and consultant, advising creative businesses, digital enterprises, cultural organisations and other enterprises on their marketing strategies. David has a track record in helping businesses to make their marketing strategies more successful by providing marketing advice that is in tune with clients’ values and objectives. He works in partnership with his clients to devise winning marketing strategies and action plans that deliver successful results.

David Parrish shares his marketing expertise through his marketing keynote speeches and presentations, interactive training workshops, books and business advice consultancy with individual clients worldwide.

“David helped us to devise a marketing strategy which focuses on our competitive strengths and the best market segments. Using effective marketing techniques we have improved the way we connect our creative talents with profitable markets.”
– Janina Gaudin. Director. Pepperbot Studios Ltd. New Zealand

creative industries business marketing advice consultant and marketing author David Parrish holding paperback book and eBook on iPhone

David Parrish with his strategic marketing book and eBook. (Photo: Mark McNulty)


“David was excellent and very engaging. His advice about business development made what seems like a daunting task actually very simple by making you think differently.”
Karen Maxwell. Design Director. Four-by-Two Design Consultants. Edinburgh, Scotland

“David helped us to grow our digital business by working with us to clarify our vision and devise a feasible plan of action. He helped us orientate our business towards the best market segments, refine our marketing messages and improve our internal systems. Working with David was both enlightening and profitable.”
– Chris Abram. Managing Director. Brighter Design Ltd.

Strategic marketing advice is David’s speciality. Effective techniques and examples of strategic marketing feature highly in his management consultancy, training workshops, speeches and writing.

David has designed and delivered marketing training workshops for creative industries businesses in many countries around the world.

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David delivering a training workshop on strategic marketing for creative entrepreneurs in Ukraine

“AMAZING! The workshop has changed the way I think about marketing, and I have lots of new ideas. Dave Parrish was brilliant.”
– Christopher Moss. Gecko Design Ltd.

“More does not mean better! The rhythm of the Workshop titled “Strategic Marketing” given by David Parrish in Bilbao Ekintza, in which 15 new entrepreneurs attended, has allow them to analyze, understand and use the insights of strategic marketing thanks to examples in a pleasant and illustrative way. Through this workshop we have understand the importance of Strategic Marketing, of listening to the customers and of using of the right message and media for each target of customers. Besides, each participant has been able to establish an action plan to invest in an efficient way the resources.
Thanks David.”
Susana Bilbao. Bilbao Ekintza. Bilbao. Spain

International Marketing is a part of David’s skillset and draws on his international experience of business in more than 40 countries world-wide. He understands the opportunities and challenges of international business development from growing his own businesses internationally and helping clients to increase exports. His international business expertise includes an understanding of business etiquette and customs in a range of countries and cultures around the world. He gives international marketing advice as a consultant, speaker, trainer and writer.

Download document summarising David’s experience and expertise as a marketing adviser, trainer and creative industries keynote speaker.

63 creative marketing tips, techniques and tales are in his book ‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success’, available now as an eBook to read on your phone, or in paperback. His advice is based on his work helping creative enterprises world-wide to become even more successful. David is an international speaker on marketing and brings his marketing experience from creative businesses worldwide to his speeches, books and marketing advice to clients.

‘Chase One Rabbit’ strategic marketing book and eBook

“David is a marketing expert who understands and emphasises the importance of strategic marketing when growing a business. It’s really helpful to be able to talk things through with him as we grow.”
Rhiannon Eames-Jones. Milky Tea Ltd. UK

David assists clients with creative and digital marketing advice using his experience and expertise in branding, strategic marketing and business development. He works with design, media, technology and other businesses in the creative industries worldwide.

“David has been instrumental in developing our business strategy, and creating a new brand. I have worked with other consultants who facilitate rather than pitch in. David, with his wealth of experience within the creative industries, offered his own ideas and solutions, which was refreshing and hugely beneficial.”
Neil Adams. Managing Director. Powerhouse Digital Photography Ltd. UK

As a marketing expert, David’s professional qualifications include membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He also has ‘Chartered Marketer’ status, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing to a limited number of marketing professionals in recognition of their experience, expertise and ongoing commitment to keeping at the cutting edge of the marketing profession.

David is an inspiring and entertaining marketing speaker. He has delivered keynote speeches at conferences, summits and other events around the world.