Kazakhstan Creative Industries presentation in Almaty

Kazakhstan creative industries entrepreneurs attended a public lecture featuring a presentation by David at Impact Hub Almaty in November 2018.

His presentation was at a public lecture attended by people involved in the Kazakhstan creative industries, cultural industries, creative economy and social entrepreneurship.

David spoke about creativity in business, both in the studio (a-Creativity) and in the business office (i-Creativity). His talk was entitled “How to Combine Creativity and Business” with examples from around the world, drawing on David’s experience of helping creative entrepreneurs to become even more successful in more that 50 countries.

Kazakhstan creative industries speaker David Parrish

David explained business models including ‘How to make money while you sleep’ using licensing of intellectual property; the ‘co-opetition’ technique; and the ‘Freemium’ business model. He also talked about how to create your own unique Business Formula. His points were presented in the context of the Kazakhstan creative industries.

Kazakhstan creative industries presentation by David Parrish

“David’s visit to the Impact Hub Pilot Almaty was timely and very important to us, because he knows the ecosystem of creative industries and has enormous practical experience in working with creative businesses. David is a high level professional who speaks the genuine language of creative entrepreneurs. We feel very grateful that David spent one day providing individual consultations to creative entrepreneurs following his training workshop. They got valuable insights and now feel more inspired to continue their journey!”
Gaukhar Kozhasheva. Art2B Lab. Almaty, Kazakhstan

As well as speaking to entrepreneurs in the Kazakhstan creative industries, David has delivered keynote speeches around the world. He has spoken at conferences, conventions, summits and other events for the creative industries, the digital economy, the cultural industries, the creative economy, the cultural economy and the ‘Orange Economy’. His clients are business support agencies, conference organisers, government departments, events organisers, creative hubs, business centres, professional associations, public sector agencies, commercial companies, government ministries, NGOs, charities, city councils and universities. David has given talks and participated in panel discussions and round table debates. He has also presented masterclasses, lectures and TEDx talks.

David is a creative industries expert. He is a creative industries keynote speaker at conferences and other events for creative, digital and cultural enterprises, policy makers, creative industries support organisations, creative hubs, creative startups, creative cities, and creative businesses in other sectors.  He brings his experience of working with design, media and technology businesses to his speeches and presentations. David remains in touch with business issues and innovative growth models through his work as a business adviser, leadership coach and marketing consultant. As a creative industries keynote speaker he includes examples of successful creative businesses and creative industries support projects worldwide. Some of these case studies are published as ‘Ideas in Action’ articles in his books. Many are also available as free downloads from his website. David continuously increases his knowledge of business models, marketing methods and international business techniques from his ongoing international work.

David often gives speeches and presentations on the subject of International Business. He speaks about international marketing, business etiquette and global business. His stories and case studies draw on his own extensive international experience, creative industries consulting and research. David is an expert speaker on creative entrepreneurship. He speaks about the Creative Economy and the Digital Economy. He gives presentations about creative clusters, creative industries business support and cultural industries projects. His speaking topics include business models in the creative industries, digital economy business models, the cultural economy and creative marketing. He speaks with authority about international creative collaborations, creative business techniques and intellectual property licensing. He also makes presentations about other business issues in the creative industries. In his capacity as a creative industries keynote speaker he speaks at events and conferences for creative hubs, creative clusters, incubators, accelerators and creative work spaces and coworking hubs.

David’s speeches draw on his own experience as an entrepreneur, his work with successful businesses worldwide, his research and his writings. David’s creative industries business books are often available for conference delegates as part of the arrangements to book him as a keynote speaker. Signed copies of his books are ideal gifts for conference delegates and event participants.

Kazakhstan creative industries speaker David Parrish

David will continue to help the Kazakhstan creative industries and has established links with various organisations, publishers and businesses in Kazakhstan.