Diversification Workshop: “COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation”

This new Diversification Workshop is available as a webinar or online workshop for creative, cultural, digital and other businesses worldwide.

It can also be adapted to suit particular business groups and and the course content will be developed further.
For example it was adapted for the Creative Scale Up Programme and delivered online for a group of scaling up businesses in the creative industries with the title : “How to Maintain Creativity in a Scale Up Environment” (more…)

This diversification workshop is an interactive event that covers:
– Creativity and Business Models
– How to Generate New Ideas
– Innovation Techniques
– Diversification Strategies

Participants benefit from attending the online workshop in several ways:
– Learn how to use “i-Creativity” to design your creative business for growth and devise creative business models using smart methods and techniques.
– Increase creative skills with three techniques to generate new ideas, learn the do’s and don’ts of how to deal with new ideas, and consider how best to create a culture of innovation and embed good practice.
– Consider Business development strategies using The ‘Feasibility Filter’, The Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and The Customer Perspective.
– Examine Innovation and Diversification strategies using Ansoff’s Matrix, the new COVID-19 Diversification Matrix, and the use of Spinoffs and Single Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

In addition to the workshop content, the following links provide even more information about the subjects covered in the online workshop.

– How to Generate New Ideas (more…)
– Use “i-Creativity” in business (more…)
– Design Your Creative Business (more...)
– Create Your Own Business Formula (more…)
– Creativity Techniques and Tools (more…)
– The Feasibility Filter (more…)
– The Customer Perspective (more…)
– Don’t do ‘Market Research’ (more…)
– Ansoff’s Matrix (more…)
– COVID-19 Diversification Strategies Matrix (more…)
– Lean Diversification (more…)

Comments from Creative Scale Up online workshop participants:

“Brilliant workshop today, David. Really appreciate it.”

Philippe Ingels. Managing Director, WAKSTER

“It was a great seminar – really inspiring, incredibly useful, and I’ve already implemented some of the info. Thanks again.”
Michael Nolan. Nolan PR

This diversification workshop will also be adapted into an online course, due for release in May 2020.

Diversification Workshop: “COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation”