Financing Creativity Bootcamp

David was the guest speaker at a Financing Creativity bootcamp delivered by Creative England in June 2021.

‘Financing Creativity: How to Manage Your Money’ was a two day online bootcamp. The event delivered in depth, practical guidance on managing finances, tackling debt and planning for growth.

This bootcamp helped participants who were:
• thinking about setting up a creative business or becoming self employed and you want to understand finance fundamentals like balance sheets, cashflow, budgeting and jargon
• concerned about the current financial status of your business and want to manage debt, improve profitability and plan for stable growth
• interested in accessing finance to help your business growth but don’t know where to start or what’s available to you

Financing Creativity bootcamp with David Parrish

David draws on his vast experience of supporting creative and cultural businesses to increase their profits and take us through the foundations of financial planning in an interactive and informal setting. Topics covered included:

1) How to monitor and measure all your business costs, including indirect and ‘hidden’ costs.

2) How to ensure you don’t run out of cash, using a cash flow projection.

3) How to set your prices to ensure a predictable profit for products, services and projects.

4) How to understand accounting jargon and use financial information to achieve greater success.

Some free resources and links to additional useful information are included here, for bootcamp participants and other creative entrepreneurs:

– Financial Support for your Business (link…)
– The Cost of Time (link…)
– The Overheads of your Creative Business (link…)
– How to Calculate Prices in the Creative Industries (link…)
– Raise your Prices! (link…)
– Increase Prices with a Winning Marketing Strategy (link…)
– Don’t Discount Prices (link…)
– How to price a service or product (link…)
– Creative Passion, Competition and Pricing [Video] (link…)

Cash Flow Planning. Free toolkit with spreadsheet and instructions. Online here.

More free Business Development Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs
– free eBook, videos, blogs, examples, guides and more (link)

This event was funded by Advance. Advance is a business support programme for creative and cultural practitioners, freelancers and SMEs based in Wakefield and the wider Yorkshire Humber region. Advance is delivered in partnership with Wakefield Council and funded by The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s Cultural Development Fund grant, which is administered by Arts Council England.

Financing Creativity bootcamp with David Parrish

David is a creative industries expert and specialist business advisor for creative businesses and cultural industries organisations. He is a creative industries management consultant and an expert on the management of businesses and organisations in the creative and digital industries.

His work is recognised internationally and he has worked in more than 50 countries around the world, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe.

David’s professional qualifications include Fellowships of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Leadership and Management, the Chartered Management Institute, and the Royal Society of Arts.