Basque Country Creative Enterprises

The Guggenheim Museum is a symbol of the transformation of Bilbao from an industrial past to a creative future. And throughout the city, less visible but just as important, creative businesses are starting up, growing, creating jobs and transforming the economy. Creative entrepreneurs in the Basque Country are making their businesses even more successful, with the help of Creativity Zentrum and their Bizkaia Creaktiva project.

This short video reports on a project to help creative entrepreneurs become even more successful. The project was organised by Creativity Zentrum, the agency which supports creative entrepreneurship, based in Bilbao in the Basque Country of Spain.

I was invited by Creativity Zentrum to deliver a training workshop called ‘Designing Your Creative Business’. This helps creative entrepreneurs to start feasible enterprises, attract financial investment, and grow successful businesses. The entrepreneurs who were selected to attend have businesses in publishing, online social networks, product design, fashion, computer games, iPhone app development and other fields.

I work internationally and bring cool business techniques from all over the world to my clients in Bilbao and elsewhere. And I have also learnt a lot from creative businesses in the Basque Country each time I have visited. I also went to the border town of Irun, to run a business development workshop and I was a guest at a meeting to discuss the development of the creative industries there.

The staff at Creativity Zentrum are professional and hardworking. Yet they always find time to be hospitable when I visit, and this includes enjoying the wonderful food – and having a few drinks.

I’m looking forward to helping more creative enterprises in Bilbao in the future. In the mean time, I wish all the entrepreneurs every success with their creative businesses.

Find out more about business development workshops for creative entrepreneurs, or contact David Parrish’s office for details.