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Blue Ocean Strategy

Creative, digital and cultural enterprises can radically improve their businesses using ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’. Advising a creative business in Spain, I suggested that they adopt a Blue Ocean Strategy. The company was working in a highly competitive marketplace, with many other businesses offering similar services. This meant that very often they were competing on price. …

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Creativity in Business

In this short video, David Parrish talks about: How Creativity and Business can be combined intelligently and sensitively to achieve business and creative success in a way which is consistent with our values and objectives. Being Creative in Business: How creative people can be creative in the office as well as the studio. In other …

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Basque Country Creative Enterprises

The Guggenheim Museum is a symbol of the transformation of Bilbao from an industrial past to a creative future. And throughout the city, less visible but just as important, creative businesses are starting up, growing, creating jobs and transforming the economy. Creative entrepreneurs in the Basque Country are making their businesses even more successful, with …

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