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Creative Business Workshop at HUBBA Thailand

David delivered a creative business workshop for creative and digital entrepreneurs at HUBBA Thailand. His creative business workshop “Designing Your Creative Business” was attended by more than 30 creative businesses at the HUBBA workspace in Bangkok. David’s interactive workshop focused on business growth using appropriate business models that achieve success in terms defined by the […]

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How to Reverse the Advertising Message

Your advertising message could be misinterpreted in the other countries, cultures and languages. An advertisement for washing powder simply had three images: dirty washing, a washing machine using the detergent advertised, and then clean washing. It was a very simple and effective concept. The only problem was that this was published in a Middle Eastern […]

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Don’t do Market Research!

Marketing is all about looking at things from the customer’s point of view. That requires understanding customers and, indeed, listening to customers. Don’t do market research! Listening to customers is the term I tend to use, instead of the phrase ‘market research’. That’s because ‘market research’ tends to conjure up the idea in people’s minds […]

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