Creative Entrepreneurship Academy

David was the opening keynote speaker at the Creative Entrepreneurship Academy online event (22-23 September 2020).

Organised by Creative Estonia, the Creative Entrepreneurship Academy 2020: Business Opportunities in Digital Culture was delivered in partnership with Creative Georgia and other international partners.

David’s keynote speech was on the subject of ‘Creative Business Models in the Online Environment’.

Links to additional information

To complement David’s keynote speech, the following links provide even more information about the subjects covered:
– TEDx Napoli. Two Kinds of Creativity: a-Creativity and i-Creativity (video, article and PDF download)
– ‘Creative Destruction’. Economist Joseph Schumpeter (more…)
– Scaling Up, from Stage to Screen. Ideas in Action case study from Lithuania (download)
– Digital Theatre Transformation. Case Study and Toolkit. University of Exeter (download)
– COVID-19 Diversification Strategies Matrix (more…)
– “Buy me a coffee!” An example of Pay-What-You-Want for free access to online resources (more…)
– “How to be a Successful Creative Entrepreneur” including creative business models. Watch the video of David’s masterclass, plus his answers to questions from the audience, online here.
– Videos with examples of creativity in business models, using i-Creativity, in the creative industries and other sectors such as travel agencies (more…)
– Book: “T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity” [free eBook PDF / eBook (text only) / paperback / audiobook / signed copy]

As well as these links to specific information, there are many other free resources for creative business development online here.

Publicity for the Creative Entrepreneurship Academy was as follows:

The Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) have been hit hard by the corona virus around the globe. However, after the first shock many of us have been using this crisis as a time for innovation and found some new ways to reach the audience and developed digital tools.

The Corona virus crisis has put CCIs under the pressure. All of a sudden theaters were closed, festivals didn’t happen, bands couldn’t have their performances, museums and art galleries couldn’t invite guests. How can you survive in a world like this?
The key word is adaptation and finding new ways to making money with your activities. 

We invited Creative industries well-known expert David Parrish to explain what are the possible business models of culture to make money in digital environments and we will give you some good examples from Georgia and Estonia as well.

In fact, it was a happy coincidence that 2020 had been declared the year of digital culture in Estonia. Martin Aadamsoo, the leader of the theme year, talks about what the year contained and what culture has already won from it. Good examples will continue here.

Other speakers during the two day event were:

  • Martin Aadamsoo. Digital leader from Estonia
  • Mari Martin. CEO and founder of FashLab
  • Kristiina Urb. Creative Europe Culture Estonia desk coordinator
  • Mikk Granström. Black Nights Film Festival CEO & Head of Just Film
  • Gigi Shukakidze. Co-founder of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial
  • Otar Nemsadze. Co-founder of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial
  • Elene Toidze. Creative Georgia
  • David Tsiskaridze. Expert of Harmonization Digital Market (HDM) of EaP Civil Society Forum
  • Anzelika Rieck. Founder and Chairwoman of the Association Design Georgia
  • Ketevan Buachidze. Founder and Deputy Chairwoman of the Association Design Georgia

COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation

Online toolkit/course: “COVID-19 Business Strategies: Creativity, Diversification and Transformation”. Online here.

Special Offer for participants in the Creative Entrepreneurship Academy 2020
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Creative Entrepreneurship Academy

Creative Entrepreneurship Academy

The Creative Entrepreneurship Academy is supported by Estonia Development Cooperation, Loov Eesti (Creative Estonia), Creative Caucasus and Creative Europe.