‘Lateral-Thinking’ Leadership

The most effective leaders learn from other industries and sectors.

“Most [executives] think they are in touch with the outside world if they play golf with the vice-president of another company in the same industry.”
– Professor Peter Drucker. Management Guru.
(Financial Times. London. 16 November 2004.)

Research commissioned by the UK Government’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and undertaken in 2004 by the Chartered Management Institute found that the most effective business leaders have several characteristics, including ‘Lateral Thinking’.

Inspired leaders are ‘lateral thinkers’ who are “particularly adept at drawing on experiences outside their own sectors”. They take a much broader view than less effective leaders, looking at things laterally – and they encourage their teams to do the same.

I believe that creative enterprises can learn a lot from businesses and organisations in other sectors – and vice versa.