Time Management for Creative People

Time Management is an issue that comes up frequently when I’m advising creative businesses.
It seems there’s always too much to do, and not enough time to do it.

In my view, time management is both a strategic issue and an operational challenge.

If we are unrealistic about what can be achieved with finite resources, we will always be frustrated. Trying to run two businesses when you only have the time needed to run one is an impossibility, not a matter of better time management. So firstly we need to prioritise strategically and decide what we are going to do – and not do. The ‘Not To Do’ list is as important as the ‘To Do’ list. Strategy is also about Saying No. It’s more realistic to focus on a few things and do them well than to attempt too much and do nothing properly.

Then it comes down to operational matters – ie how to actually manage our time on a day to day basis.

Business Coach Mark McGuinness has published ‘Time Management for Creative People’ as a free eBook. I’ve recommended it to my clients as well as finding it useful for my own work. It’s subtitled ‘Manage the Mundane – Create the Extraordinary’ as it’s designed to help you maintain your creative focus while dealing with your other commitments.

Download the eBook from Mark’s ‘Wishful Thinking’ blog .