Let your heart drive you…

A creative passion is often the driving force for creative entrepreneurs. My advice is always to recognise this, in order to understand our own motivations in business. In other words, what ‘makes us tick’.

I was asked recently by Putte Svensson from Rockparty in Hultsfred, Sweden, what would be my advice if someone said they just wanted to have fun. My answer was that fun is important and essential to any enterprise. I went on to say that I do indeed want people to have fun – and for a long time! Having fun for a short while and then going bankrupt isn’t much fun at all. I help people to also look at the business issues that will help them to continue to have fun in a sustainable way, long-term. Things like marketing, finance and intellectual property also need to be taken into account to make sure the fun continues.

The philosophy of T-Shirts and Suits is about combining creativity and business acumen. It’s about using rationality as well as emotion – the left side of the brain as well as the right side. I sometimes talk about ‘using our heads as well as our hearts’.

Sara Lönnroth, who is the project leader for Mötesplats Mode&Design (MM&D), at the Transit Business Incubator at Konstfack in Stockholm, suggested a phrase about this, which I’ve adapted and translated as: “Let your heart drive you and your head guide you”.

I’m going to adopt this as one of my sayings from now on!