Signed Paperback Books

Signed paperback books are available from the Products shop page.

Books are signed by David Parrish, with a personalised dedication. Books are delivered world-wide.

You can specify a personalised dedications, hand written and signed by David. For example:
“To Sam, Wishing you every success with your creative business” or
“With best wishes to Jim and Jane at ABC Creative Enterprises”.

The signed dedication makes the books ideal gifts for creative entrepreneurs.

Signed paperback books

Signed paperback books

Signed paperback books in presentation box

Signed paperback books are available from the Products shop page.

Contact David’s office for special prices for higher quantities, for example for conference delegates or training workshop participants.

Creative Business Books signed by author David Parrish

Creative entrepreneurs use David’s creative business books, eBooks and Audiobooks for business growth, to help them become even more successful. They are inspired by the ideas, methods, examples and techniques in his books and other publications. They become more successful by improving their marketing, leadership, financial management, competitive advantage and commercialisation of their intellectual property.

As a business expert and leading author of creative industries books, David works worldwide as a keynote speaker, marketing consultant and business growth adviser, especially in the creative industries and cultural sector. Event organisers can purchase copies of his books for conference delegates or offer books for sale at conferences and other events, adding extra value for delegates, visitors or clients.

David has written two creative industries books, a creative industries guide, a creative enterprise toolkit, plus many articles and blogs. (See all publications.)

Several of these have been translated into other languages to help entrepreneurs in the creative industries worldwide. David’s books for creative industries businesses are available in several languages in paperback, eBook and audiobook formats.

A summary of creative business books and other publications written by David Parrish, specifically for design, media, technology and other businesses.

T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity
Paperback book, Audiobook, free PDF document and free text-only eBook (more info>>)
Also published in translations in fourteen countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Chile, China, Colombia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Ukraine.

Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success
63 tips, techniques and tales for creative entrepreneurs (more info>>)
Designed as an eBook for phones, tablets, and laptops. Also available in paperback and Audiobook formats.
Published in English in the UK. Also published in Spanish and French.

Designing Your Creative Business (DYCB™)
A Toolkit for Creative Entrepreneurs.
A practical strategic planning guide for businesses at all stages of development. Used in David’s business development strategy workshops world-wide.

Create Your Own Business Formula
This article was first published as a chapter entitled ‘Making a Business Plan’ in the book ‘Read This First: Growth and Development of Creative SMEs’.
Available for free download in several languages, including Romanian, Indonesian and Spanish.

Creative, Cultural and Digital Industries Guide
Written for Business Link in the UK.
Available for free download in PDF format.
This Guide can be adapted for publication in other countries in partnership with creative industries support agencies, using local case studies. Ideal as a publicity tool for business support agencies.

Ideas in Action Articles
Several articles featuring creative entrepreneurs world-wide who combine their creative passion with smart business thinking. Examples of creative entrepreneurship in Vietnam, Jamaica, Colombia, Hong Kong, Holland, South Africa and the UK.

Blog posts
See the full list of posts on David’s blog.