What They Say

Here are just a few comments from creative, cultural and digital businesses about the ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ toolkit publication and workshops:

“T-Shirts and Suits is a great mixture of theory, practice and inspiration. ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ is the ‘Do It Yourself’ version of the book.”
Fiona Shaw.

Capsica Publishing.

“This practical publication could also be described as a “sketchbook” or “drawing board” for creative entrepreneurs like us to use to get our heads round what we need to do to make our design businesses work better.”
Matt Houghton and Tom Downing.
Sauce Multimedia / Loaf Creative

“David’s workshop was a great help when I was starting my business. If you can’t attend one of his workshops, this toolkit is just what you need instead.”

Darren Ratcliffe.
RedStar Creative Ltd.

“This toolkit takes you through the process used when we attended one of David’s workshops. It asks the right questions in the right order and prompts you to think about the fundamentals of your business then take the right decisions to get you where you want to go.”
Andy Cooper and Glenn Maguire.
Sparkle Media Ltd.

“T-Shirts and Suits is a thoroughly enjoyable and essential book for any creative business. This companion publication helps creative entrepreneurs to put together their own plan for success using the ideas and information in the book.”
Alison Coward.
Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts. University of the Arts London.

“It was a great pleasure to offer this workshop to the creative entrepreneurs. At the end of it all of them had improved their projects and trusted themselves much more. David’s help has been essential for them, now they are ready to enter the market.”
Jone Zubiaga
Creativity Zentrum, Bilbao, Spain

“Workshop participants were very impressed and inspired by David’s speech and book because he avoided using jargon, gave clear illustrations to describe what creative business is about and explained the general principles of running a creative business. He talked about some important issues, such as intellectual property, business formulas, knowing your competitors, knowing your market, and being prepared to say No.”

HsinYi Ku.
British Council, Taiwan

“The ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop was very good, with lots of important information and new perspectives. David Parrish was great, with a particular sense of humour, and was very good at motivating us.”
Mario Azen
Emporio de Cultura. Brazil.