Creative Industries Video

David Parrish talks about creativity and business, smart creative entrepreneurs and T-Shirts and Suits at the International Finals of the Creative Business Cup in Denmark.

In this creative industries video, David illustrates success in the creative industries worldwide with examples of successful creative entrepreneurs.

In this video, David explains:

“T-Shirts and Suits means creative people (the ‘t-shirts’) using smart business thinking (suits).”

“T-Shirts and Suits means combining creative passion with cool business techniques.”

“T-Shirts and Suits means that we can be creative and commercially successful.”

He then gives examples of creative entrepreneurs from around the world who have used smart busines thinking, including people from Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Brazil, England, Jamaica and Vietnam.

In this presentation in Copenhagen, David speaks about T-Shirts and Suits as an international community of creative entrepreneurs who share cool business ideas to help each other become even more successful.

‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ is a book and free eBook that has been published in several countries.

T-Shirts and Suits is also a blog, a network, a series of events, a range of articles and information – and a philosophy of combining creativity and business.

For more information about all the dimensions of T-Shirts and Suits, see the T-Shirts and Suits page.