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1,000 True Fans
20 Things You Must Know
3,14 or 50 Kinds of ‘Free’
3Ms of Marketing
95:5 Rule (the Pareto Principle +)

Alienate and Embrace Customers
An error of marketing strategy
A postcard from Malin Head
Artistic Passion – combined with Business Focus
A run before dawn near the International Dateline
A Sense of Place
And what we didn’t do
Ansoff’s Matrix for Creative Business Development
Are You Busy?
Art is not what you see…
Artist’s ‘Second Life’
Authentic Marketing for Creative Businesses
Basque Country Creative Enterprises
Be a Quitter
Best Creative Marketing Blogs
Beware ‘Copyright Grabs’
Be your own kind of entrepreneur!
Blue Ocean Strategy
Book List – some recommended reading
Business Models for Creative Enterprises – a Starting Point
Business of Culture
Buzz Marketing
Carnaby Street W1
Cate Blanchett ‘Sparkles’
CC: Control your Copyright
Charting your Competitive Strategy
Chase one rabbit (Chinese proverb)
Cheeky Guerrillas in Utrecht
Co-opetition – friendly competition
The Cost of Time
The Creative Business: 12 Modules
The Curve: from Free to Superfans
Create Your Own Business Formula
Creativity: there’s a-Creativity and i-Creativity
Creating Interprises
Creative Commons licence

Creative Labourer – or Creative Entrepreneur?
Creative Times – creating Interprises
Creative Barcodes
Creative Business Guide
Creative Economy Worldwide (Video)
Creative Enterprise Network
Creative Enterprise Network
Creative Industries Job Creation
Creative Marketing Online Resources
Creative Mischief
Creative Passion, Competition and Pricing (Video)
Creative Industries Urban Regeneration
Creative Times: Getting ideas from unusual places
Creative Times: Leading Creative People – it’s like herding cats!
Creative Times – The Message Must be right for the Medium
Creativity versus Business?
Creativity in Business
Creativity Techniques and Tools
‘Crowd Financing’ to fund a film
Crowdfunding – more info and inspiration
Crowd Funding video
Customers are ‘ploggers’
Customers don’t care about you and your business
Dance at Work
Danny Boyle on Inspiration
Design, Pricing and Profitability
Devise a REAL Business Strategy
Does Size Matter?
Don’t Advertise! Let your customers do the plogging
Don’t be a ‘busy fool’ – act strategically
Don’t be a ‘Poor Pioneer’: create Barriers to Entry
Don’t Co-operate
Don’t do Market Research!
Don’t discount prices!
Don’t hide from customers!
Don’t Raise Your Profile – Be Focused Instead
Download free eBook. T-Shirts and Suits
Do you know what you’re selling?
Exponential Growth Business Model in the creative sector
Features and Benefits: the “So What?!” test
Financial support for your business
Finding a route over the mountains in Macedonia
Five Forces of Competition
Freedom, Money, Time
Free eBooks: T-Shirts and Suits
Film funding through eBay…
Five Steps to Success as a Creative Entrepreneur
From Mount Errigal to the Blue Ocean
Raising finance the AEV way in the cultural sector
Give it away free!
Good Enough…
Guerrilla Marketing for Creative Enterprises
Guerrilla Marketing – books
How to calcultate prices in the creative industries
How to make business enemies
How to Pay the Rent
How to Price a Service or Product in the Creative Industries
How to Reverse the Advertising Message
How to achieve Business Success in the Creative Sector
Ideas in Action – JAB Design
Ideas are not enough!
Ideas don’t make you rich
Identify the Important Few from the Trivial Many. The ’95:5 Rule’
Increase prices with a winning marketing strategy
Innovating for the ‘Base of the Pyramid’
Inspirational Leadership
International Marketing Mistakes
Interview with David Parrish about T-Shirts and Suits
Investor Pitching for Startups – video
iPhone App from T-Shirts and Suits
Iron Sky: a crowd-sourced movie
Is Marketing a ‘Paper Tiger’?
Lateral-Thinking Leadership
Leading Creative People
LEGO Crowd
Let your customers do the Plogging
Let’s license works like George Lucas
Let your heart drive you…
Level 5 Leadership
Long Tail
Madonna – creative businesswoman
Magic of Marketing – book extract
Managing Cash Flow and Fixed Costs
Marketing Strategy is ‘Invisible’
Marketing Warfare
Marooned in the Solomon Islands
Message and Medium must be in harmony
New Business Models
New economics of creativity
Observing Timor Leste without taking photos
Online Social Networking – for Business
Overheads of your creative business
Paul Arden RIP
Paul Smith talks business
PEST Analysis improved: The ICEDRIPS checklist
Powerful Customers
Pre-Mortem Creativity Technique
The Price of a Bed
PRIMEFACT Checklist for Internal Analysis
Profitable Collaborations
Protecting – and profiting from – your Intellectual Property
Raise your Prices!
Raising Finance for Creative Projects by Crowdfunding
Raising Finance from Fans
Rolls and Royce: a shared vision
Say No to customers
Selling hope, wrapped up in t-shirts
Selling stories (“We don’t sell beer…”)
Seven Steps to Business Success
Shamrock Organisation
Six Leadership Styles for Creative Leaders
Social Media – keep it personal!
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing avoids Bad Customers
Strategic Vision and Business Success
Strategic Vision for Creative Businesses
Successful creative enterprises worldwide
Successfully Avoid Risks
Superfans can boost your creative business
Surviving without wi-fi in Papua New Guinea
SWOT Analysis for Strategic Planning
Telling Africa’s Story to the World
That photo of Che Guevara
The Community Interest Company (CIC)
The Great Little Tongatapu South Pacific Ocean Drive
Think inside the box
Three Top Business Tips for Creatives
Time Management for Creative People
Too much advice !
Trade Mark Challenge
Travel blogs
Travel quotations
T-Shirts and Suits. Download chapters from the book
T-Shirts and Suits. The Book
Viral Marketing
Viral marketing – MUTO video
Viral Marketing Video
What are you selling, really?
What does ‘marketing’ mean?
What is “T-Shirts and Suits” ?
What Google has found to be true
Who the hell is info@ ?
Whose photos are on your website?
Why awards don’t matter 
Why you should help your competitors…
Winning in Hard Times
Work Life Integration
Word of Mouth Marketing : Not ‘proper marketing’?
Your Competitive Advantage
Your creativity – a hobby, a job, or a business?
Your creativity – hobby, job or business?
Your Creative Business Plan
Your ‘Financial Control Panel’
Your first customer in the creative industries (video)
Your world-class ‘Hedgehog Strategy’