International Networks

David Parrish has international networks in the creative industries to help creative entrepreneurs to make business partnerships and share smart business ideas.

David has extensive international networks of contacts in the creative and digital industries, built up over many years of working in the creative and cultural sector as an entrepreneur and creative industries management consultant. This enables him to keep up to date with trends and developments in the sector and to connect people and businesses locally and globally.

Some of David’s international networks in the creative industries are:

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There is a T-Shirts and Suits group on Facebook with over 4,000 members from 50 countries, called “T-Shirts and Suits (Creativity and Business)”.

T-Shirts and Suits Coffee Club events are occasional gatherings of creative entrepreneurs, hosted by David Parrish in cities in the UK and around the world, usually in cafes.

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In May 2018, the online T-Shirts and Suits Creative Enterprise Network was replaced by these and other networks, plus additional free resources on this website.

David also supports other international networks in the creative industries, projects and initiatives for digital enterprises, cultural organisations and creative businesses. For example David Parrish was the guest speaker at the inaugural meeting of Beijing Creative Entrepreneurs Club, organised by the British Council in China.

He works with the British Council in countries around the world.

David works with Creative Hubs in Europe and world-wide.

He is a member of the Cultural Policy Designers Network, which brings together independent European cultural policy experts.

He has been involved in projects in more than 60 countries internationally.

David’s company, T-Shirts and Suits Ltd, sponsored a special prize for creative entrepreneurship at the international finals of the Creative Business Cup in Denmark.

David Parrish welcomes opportunities to work in partnership with creative industries international networks and other organisations promoting the creative industries and encouraging enterprise in the creative, cultural and digital sectors of economies world-wide.

Contact David Parrish’s offices in the UK if you would like to partner with David to promote creative entrepreneurship, translate his books or other materials for use in your own country, or grow your own international networks.


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