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David works in partnership with Creative Hubs world-wide, to help them make their creative enterprises even more successful.

He has delivered creative business development workshops and business growth presentations at creative hubs, accelerators, co-working spaces and creative business centers in Thailand, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Vietnam, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia, Kosovo, New Zealand, Ireland, Belarus, Ukraine, South Africa, Armenia and the United Kingdom.

David has helped creative industries enterprises in more that 60 countries around the world by working in partnership with creative hubs, accelerators, co-working spaces and creative business centers, conference organisers and creative industries support organisations.

David and his company T-Shirts and Suits Ltd are members of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN).

David is a member of the International Advisory Council of Creative Hub Switzerland (more…)

He has advised on Creative Hubs Development with organisations in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

David works worldwide and often makes speeches and presentations, or delivers workshops on creative entrepreneurship at Creative Hubs, Creative Co-working spaces, Creative Incubators and Accelerators.

In Armenia, David supported 29 startups involved in the Artbox Armenia project, delivering a workshop, discussion session and online resources (more…)

In South Africa, David advised on the creative hub business model at E3 Youth Development Hub in Mbombela, Mpumalanga (more…)

In Colombia, David spoke about the importance of creative hubs and creative districts at the ‘Toolbox Naranja’ event at Colombia 4.0 in Bogotá (more…)

In Romania, David was a guest speaker at a creative clusters conference in Cluj-Napoca in the Transilvanian region of Romania (more…)

“David shared his insights about clusters and hubs worldwide, based on his experience of working with creative entrepreneurs around the world. He also provided inspiration about how we can all be more creative in the way that we organise clusters or do business in the creative sector. The feedback from David’s presentations was very positive and we hope to work with David again.”
Laura Suteu. Northern Transylvania Clusters Consortium

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, David gave a presentation to digital businesses, startups and other entrepreneurs on the subject of Business Creativity Around the World’ (more…)

In Greece, David participated in the events of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN) in Athens (more…)

In Kosovo, David spoke to digital startups and entrepreneurs about Digital Economy Business Growth at Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) in his speech: “Business Growth in the Creative and Digital Economy” (more…)

For leaders of creative hubs in West Africa, David delivered online workshops on strategic marketing, market research, leadership, culture and other subjects (more…)

“The session was very insightful and captivating. It gave clarity to old thoughts and opened new opportunities for growth especially in a rapidly changing industry that we belong to. Thanks David Parrish for those very strong ideas. Also, I liked the fact that you had very interesting personal stories to starting each topic to guide us through the end of the process.”
Joshua Alabi, Creative Director
KiNiNso-koncepts, Lagos, Nigeria

In Kazakhstan, David gave an interactive workshop on business development to startups and other creative enterprises at Impact Hub Almaty (more…)

In Bulgaria, David presented an interactive creative business development workshop on ‘Combining Creativity and Business’ for digital startups and other creative businesses at Biz Labs in Plovdiv (more…)

“Creative businesses and digital startups found David’s interactive workshop to be interesting, entertaining and inspiring. From my experience as a startup founder I think his knowledge and experience will help the businesses at Biz Labs achieve both creative and commercial success.”
Ivan Dzheferov
Co-Founder at Biz Labs. Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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In Slovenia, David delivered an interactive training workshop hosted at the Maribor premises of the Center for Creativity. The training event was entitled “Entrepreneurship for Creatives, Artists and Cultural Managers” (more…)

In the United Kingdom, David has facilitated strategic planning events for the board of directors of Baltic Creative CIC creative industries hub in the Baltic Triangle creative district of Liverpool. He has also provided marketing advice to Baltic Creative.

“As we launched our creative incubator Artbox, David Parrish proved to be a powerful ally – working closely with us over several weeks and ultimately bringing his great insights and experience to a very important first session that set the tone for the rest of the incubator. Our 29 creative teams found him to be continuously inspiring, informative, and sensitive to the various needs and concerns of everyone involved.”
Creative Armenia

In Thailand, David made a business creativity speech to digital startups and entrepreneurs in the creative and digital economy: ‘How to Profit from Creativity in Business: Think Creatively to Achieve Success’ (more…)

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, David is one of the mentors at Spark Business Park in Mostar. His appointment follows his workshops and one-to-one advice sessions with creative and digital businesses based at Spark Business Park (more…)

David is a member of the International Advisory Council of Creative Hub Switzerland.

“As an organisation, we had the opportunity to unpack and reflect on our business model as a Creative Hub, and with David’s insights and incisive advice, we are poised to take our services and our impact to the next level.”
– Catherine Churchill. E3 Youth Development Hub, South Africa.

David’s workshops include ‘Designing Your Creative Business‘ and a range of other business development workshops dealing with marketing, pricing, intellectual property, financial management, business growth and leadership.

Successful creative startups integrate creativity and business. David’s T-Shirts and Suits® approach helps creative people (‘T-Shirts’) use smart business thinking (‘Suits’).

On this website there are a number of free resources for creative business development on this site that David shares with creative hubs, creative industries support organisations and businesses. These can be downloaded, shared and offered free of charge by creative hubs and others.

David’s work is internationally acclaimed. He helps clients by drawing on his own direct experience as an entrepreneur as well as his work helping hundreds of creative and digital businesses around the world. His direct experience is backed up by academic qualifications and professional accreditations.

David’s international experience adds to his knowledge of successful management methods and business techniques which he can offer in his various services to clients in the creative industries world-wide.

Design, media and technology enterprises around the world increase sales, prices and profits with David’s expert advice on marketing, leadership and business growth. Internationally, creative and cultural businesses grow with the help of David’s training workshops, coaching and books on business growth, marketing, and creative entrepreneurship, drawing on his international experience.

David Parrish working with Creative Hubs worldwide

David Parrish working with Creative Hubs worldwide


David Parrish working with Creative Hubs worldwide

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