Digital Economy Speaker

David is a Digital Economy speaker at conferences and other events around the world. He brings his international experience of new business models in the digital economy to audiences worldwide. David’s keynote speeches and presentations inform and inspire both entrepreneurs and policy makers. David has spoken about the Creative and Digital Economy at the European Commission in Brussels and the United Nations in Geneva.

As a digital economy keynote speaker at conferences around the world, David speaks about the Digital Economy in a way that informs, entertains and inspires his audiences. He specialises in creative business models for IT businesses and technology enterprises, especially in the digital industries. In addition, his work as a business adviser in the digital economy informs his speeches. He shares examples of successful business models in the digital economy world-wide.
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Digital Economy speaker David Parrish

“Working with David has been a great pleasure and a fantastic learning experience, his presentations and workshops full of strategic knowledge and valuable insights plus his warm approach to people left the public tremendously engaged, inspired and eager to follow trough the learnings. I highly appreciate the professionalism and dedication to the project and the quality time spent with David on a personal level, very much recommend his mentoring! Looking forward to work together again in the near future.”
Juan Diego Ortiz – Coolture Investments, Bogota – Colombia
Organisers of Festival Naranja, the creative and digital industries conference.

Digital Economy speaker David Parrish

David advises digital startups, high-growth digital businesses, technology companies, IT firms and the agencies that support them. He is a digital startup mentor.

David was the keynote speaker on ‘Creative Business in the Digital Economy’ at the International Creative Industries Conference in Serbia. (more…)

He was a keynote speaker at Festival Naranja, Colombia’s creative and digital industries conference for the Orange Economy (more…)

David was a speaker on the digital economy in a debate at the Free Collective Minds Conference in Beirut, Lebanon, organised by the May Chidiac Foundation (more…)

David was the international guest speaker at ‘The Digital Debate‘, the Digital Economy conference in Bogotá, Colombia. He was the keynote digital economy speaker on business growth opportunities for creative and digital entrepreneurs in the Digital Era. (more…)

Digital Economy Expert David Parrish

He spoke at the Digital Ecosystem Conference organised by EIKEN in Bilbao, Spain. He gave a keynote speech on New Business Opportunities in the Digital Age for AudioVisual and other digital, design and technology businesses. David outlined several business models used in the Digital Economy. (more…)

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, David gave a presentation to digital businesses, startups and other entrepreneurs on the subject of ‘Business Creativity Around the World’. (more…)

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, David made a business creativity speech to digital startups and entrepreneurs in the creative and digital economy: ‘How to Profit from Creativity in Business: Think Creatively to Achieve Success’. (more…)

In Kosovo, David spoke to digital startups and entrepreneurs about Digital Economy Business Growth at Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) in his speech: “Business Growth in the Creative and Digital Economy” (more…)

In the United Kingdom, David has made speeches, delivered workshops, and provided business advice to digital businesses in the business sectors of computer games, IT, apps, digital marketing, technology, animation, film and video.

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, David delivered a business growth workshop for technology, IT and digital businesses at SPARK Business Park in Mostar. He also gave a presentation about marketing for digital enterprises. David is one of the mentors for digital startups at SPARK Business Park. (more...)

Digital Economy speaker David Parrish

David is a Digital Economy speaker on a wide range of business topics, including:

  • How to be a Digital Entrepreneur. Combining digital talent with smart business techniques to achieve greater success in the digital economy. Examples from around the world featuring successful creative and digital entrepreneurs. How to use the best business methods that fit with your values and objectives.
  • Business Success in the Digital Economy. In the creative industries and the Digital Economy, businesses of all sizes and stages of development can achieve the success they envision. This presentation includes stories and case studies from David’s experience in advising and inspiring businesses worldwide.
  • How to Make Money While You Sleep. Creating, protecting and licensing intellectual property to generate new income streams. Making money from creativity combined with smart business thinking. How to design a creative business in the Digital Economy to generate scaleable income streams.
  • New Business Models in the Digital Economy. Innovative ways to raise finance, engage with customers and sell digital products and services. How digital and cultural enterprises can use creative business models. These include crowd-sourcing, exponential growth, ‘freemium’ business models, crowdfunding and ‘co-opetition’. David’s keynote speeches and other presentations include inspiring international examples.
  • The Digital Economy World-Wide. The impact and potential of the digital economy on economies and societies throughout the world. David shares his experience of  the UK’s digital economy plus ideas and inspiration from his clients and creative entrepreneurs world-wide.
  • Success in the Digital Economy. Innovative business models used in the Digital Economy, including examples from successful digital businesses worldwide.
  • International Business in the Digital Economy. This includes successful marketing across national and cultural boundaries, understanding business etiquette and conventions. How to avoid expensive mistakes. Lots of international examples.
  • a-Creativity and i-Creativity for Business Success. How both kinds of creativity can be used in harmony to achieve success in business in the Digital Economy. Examples from around the world show how creative business models can help enterprises in the ‘creative industries’, the ‘digital industries’ – and indeed in all business sectors.
  • Innovation and Creativity for Startups in the Digital Economy. Creative business models to be used in the business office to complement creativity in the studio. How digital startups can profit from innovative business techniques. How creative hubs can best support digital startups in creative cities and elsewhere.

Digital Economy Speaker

David is a world-class international digital economy speaker at conferences, conventions, forums, summits, exhibitions, launches and other events. He speaks on a wide range of topics and themes relating to the Digital Economy. These include creative business, business growth and creative entrepreneurship. He speaks about business models in the creative economy with authority. Intellectual property and licensing, raising finance and leadership in the Digital Economy are also speech topics. David’s international experience and expertise in the creative economy includes: business strategy, marketing, communications, international business, strategic marketing, creativity and entrepreneurship.

His clients are business support agencies, conference organisers, government departments, events organisers, creative hubs, business centres, professional associations, public sector agencies, commercial companies, government ministries, NGOs, charities, city councils and universities.

As a specialist digital economy speaker, business consultant and author, he has worked in more than 60 countries around the world. David is in demand internationally and frequently speaks to audiences of businesses and entrepreneurs in the digital economy.

His audiences also include professionals involved in supporting digital economy development, including economic development agencies, government ministry officials and digital economy consultants. In addition, he speaks at digital economy debates and digital economy conferences. Also, he speaks on the digital economy at events in creative hubs, incubators and workspaces. He advises creative business support organizations on business development in the digital economy.

David is listed as a TED Speaker and was the keynote speaker at TEDx Napoli on the subject of creativity, at TEDxENCGJ, Morocco on Authentic Marketing and at TEDx Tromsø, Norway, on Empowerment and Creative Entrepreneurship.

David’s speeches draw on his own experience as an entrepreneur, his work with successful businesses worldwide, his research and his writings. David’s creative industries business books are often available for conference delegates as part of the arrangements to book him as a keynote speaker. Signed copies of his books are ideal gifts for conference delegates and event participants.

An experienced creative and digital industries keynote speaker, David speaks at conferences, corporate events, forums, summer schools, creative hubs, startup events, creative cities conferences, confex events, trade shows, launches, international summits and conventions. He also gives speeches and presentations at executive meetings, management conferences, company events, promotional events, and staff conferences. David has been a guest speaker at “away days” for company directors, senior executives and at corporate strategy events. As a Creativity Consultant he is a keynote speaker on ‘How to Profit from Creativity in Business’.

David is the author of two books on creative entrepreneurship. His books have been published in translations in thirteen countries around the world. His books can be available at your event when David is a keynote digital economy speaker. Signed copies are also available. Contact David for more details and to make arrangements.

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