Videos of Speeches

Here are a few examples of David as a keynote speaker on creative entrepreneurship, the creative economy, the Orange Economy, and the cultural & creative industries.

Also below are examples of David making a presentation about Authentic Marketing, plus his TEDx talks in Italy and Norway.

See more videos, including interviews with David, are on this page and also on the T-Shirts and Suits channels on YouTube and Vimeo.

Speech in Spain: “How to be a Successful Creative Entrepreneur” at the WORTH project weekend in Valencia

Also watch David answering questions from the audience online here.

Speech in Colombia (opening section): “Inspiration for Travel Agencies from Creativity, Innovation and the Orange Economy worldwide”

More videos sections from this one-hour speech are online here.

Keynote speech at Festival Naranja, Colombia: “Successful Creative Entrepreneurship in the Orange Economy Worldwide”

Keynote speech at international conference in Germany on Transformation with the Cultural and Creative Industries

David Parrish talks about Creativity and Business

In this short extract from a keynote speech on the subject, David Parrish talks about how creativity and business can be combined, about being creative with your ‘business system’, and achieving your own version of success as a creative entrepreneur.

David Parrish speaking at MediaCityUK about ‘Authentic Marketing‘, one of the 63 tips, techniques and tales for creative entrepreneurs in his second book ‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success’.

Creativity redefined: ‘a-Creativity’ and ‘i-Creativity’

David’s keynote presentation at TEDx Napoli about two meanings of creativity and how they can work together to help creative industries enterprises become even more successful. In redefining creativity, David clarifies the word’s two meanings to help people use creativity in business.

What T-Shirts and Suits means for creative entrepreneurs

Speaking at the Creative Business Cup international finals in Copenhagen, Denmark, David Parrish explains what T-Shirts and Suits means, with examples from creative entrepreneurs around the world using the T-Shirts and Suits approach to business development in the creative, cultural and digital industries.

David speaking in Norway at TEDx Tromsø on ‘Empowerment through Creative Entrepreneurship’

David reflects on his work in the creative industries

David talks about his passion for combining creativity and business – and his mission to help entrepreneurs.

(Read more about David’s personal story.)

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