Travel Industry Speaker

David is a travel industry speaker at events and conferences worldwide. He speaks about travel, international business, marketing and creativity in the context of the travel industry.

At the national Congress of ANATO in Medellin, Colombia, David spoke to an audience of travel agencies about his international travels to more than 100 countries worldwide.

“Frequently I travel with my suitcase, often with my backpack, and sometimes with both. And as a digital nomad, I always travel with my laptop.” – David Parrish

Find out more about David as a traveller and read his travel blogs.

Video of the opening of David’s speech to travel agencies in Colombia. View more sections of the speech.

David shared business insights from his international work to help travel agencies and other enterprises in the travel industry.

Travel speaker David Parrish with his laptop in the Solomon Islands

Travel speaker David Parrish with his laptop, and a friendly cockatoo, in the Solomon Islands.