A Conversation with David Parrish…

‘A Conversation with David Parrish’ was the style of the workshop session “Make Your Business Strategy Work for You” for independent creative entrepreneurs in Portugal.

David facilitated this “In-Deep Session” at the at the at the INDIE WORKERS’ Bootcamp in Porto.

The conversation focused on developing a business strategy to make the most of your creativity in relation to competitors and markets in a way that is consistent with your overall aims and values.

David led a discussion about the definition of business success in personal terms in relation to creativity, lifestyle, profit and values. The session demystified what having a business strategy means, and used techniques to understand your competitive advantage in relation to other creative businesses.

He talked about “work-life integration” instead of “work/life balance” and said that his own enterprise is “proudly a Lifestyle Business”.

“David facilitated 2 workshops – Creative Pricing and Creative Business Strategy – at Porto INDIE WORKERS Bootcamp 2019 and both sessions were much appreciated by the participants. In fact, we received numerous spontaneous feedback notes thanking for the precious and inspiring content that David delivered.
For us, as an organization, it was a pleasure to work with David, always available and easy-going, with a tremendous sense of responsibility and professionalism.
Also, always a nice company and relevant presence in all networking moments, totally engaged in making new contacts, giving attention and time to all the involved in the event.
We surely invite David again to participate as a speaker in our next events!”
Tânia Santos, Indie Workers / CRU Cowork, Porto-Portugal

Following the conversation, David published a list of links to additional information, for session participants and others:

Some words about David’s own ‘lifestyle business’ strategy:
Toolkit: ‘Designing Your Creative Business’:
Article in English, Portuguese and other languages (“Create Your Own Business Formula”):
Free eBook: ’T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’
Five Steps to Success
Other free articles, videos, courses etc:

David and Lieza Dessein in conversation

Tuğçe Akbulut and David Parrish in conversation

David speaks and writes about business success in the creative and digital industries worldwide in his capacity as a conference keynote speaker, training workshop leader, business adviser and author.

He has designed a range of creative business training workshops which he has delivered in various countries around the world.

Creative business training workshops also draw on material in David’s books. Signed paperback copies of his books are sometimes included with the training workshop materials that participants take away to use in their creative businesses and cultural enterprises. Copies of books can be supplied for creative industries training workshops by arrangement.

David has delivered his ‘Designing Your Creative Business’ workshop internationally using his DYCB Toolkit publication.

He has delivered workshops and presentations for the British Council Creative Economy Unit and the British Council internationally in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, China, Georgia, Lithuania, the Philippines, Taiwan, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

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