South African Entrepreneurship Workshop

David’s South African Entrepreneurship workshop for young creative entrepreneurs in Mbombela/Nelspruit was entitled “The Business of Creativity”.

Commissioned by the E3 Youth Development Hub, this creative industries project focused on entrepreneurship in the creative industries in South Africa.

South African Entrepreneurship workshop

David’s workshop covered a range of creative business development issues and techniques, including:

– Strategic Marketing
– Competitive Advantage
– Intellectual Property management and commercialisation
– Marketing Communications
– How to Create Your Own Business Formula

South African Entrepreneurship workshop

E3 Youth Development Hub is working successfully to Educate, Empower and Enlighten young people in South Africa and the organisation’s mission matches perfectly with David’s philosophy of empowering creative entrepreneurs.

Young people working in the cultural, creative and digital industries are supported by E3 with a range of services including entrepreneurship training and advice.

David’s South African entrepreneurship workshop was designed specifically to meet the needs of this group of young creative entrepreneurs.

In addition to designing and delivering the workshop, David also advised E3 on creative hub development.

David’s work in South Africa with E3 Youth Development Hub was sponsored by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

“David’s keynote input on “Unlocking the Creative Economy” was simultaneously a fantastic way to finish a week’s worth of invaluable learning, and an inspiring way to kick-start further work in a sector that holds so much promise for the talented and creative youth of Mbombela, Mpumalanga.
David has a knack for storytelling that makes his extensive international experience as an expert in creative entrepreneurship both accessible and engaging.
Our sector stakeholders shared spontaneous post-event voice notes and thank you messages crediting David with opening their eyes to a world of possibilities in the creative industries.
Our aspiring creative entrepreneurs appreciated David’s expertise, his humour and his passion and all expressed that they had gained clarity, knowledge and inspiration from his “dope” experiences and extensive knowledge of the personal and professional journeys of creative entrepreneurs around the globe.
As an organisation, we had the opportunity to unpack and reflect on our business model as a Creative Hub, and with David’s insights and incisive advice, we are poised to take our services and our impact to the next level.”
– Catherine Churchill. E3 Youth Development Hub, South Africa.

Creative business training workshops also draw on material in David’s books. Signed paperback copies of his books are sometimes included with the training workshop materials that participants take away to use in their creative businesses and cultural enterprises.

David designs and delivers creative business management workshops to suit the precise needs of the workshop participants. He has a long experience of designing and delivering creative business training workshops, courses, masterclasses and in-house training courses on a range of management themes. Participants include design, media and technology businesses in the creative, cultural and digital industries, ranging from startups to high growth businesses.