Business Success in the Creative Economy in Belarus

David Parrish spoke about Business Success in the Creative Economy in Belarus at an event in Minsk, Belarus.

The event was organised by IMAGURU Startup Hub – a place for globally-minded technology ventures, investors and mentors. Located in the very center of Minsk, IMAGURU is built around two core areas: entrepreneurship and innovation.

David spoke to an audience of entrepreneurs working on startups in the Digital Economy and the wider Creative Economy in Belarus.

David Parrish. Creative Economy Speaker. Business Success in the Creative Economy in Belarus

He gave examples of successful creative businesses around the world who combine their creative talents with smart business thinking – the combination that David refers to as “T-Shirts and Suits”. His presentation explained how powerful business techniques can be applied successfully in creative startups to achieve the goals of the enterprise in a way that is consistent with their values. He outlined several business models that can be adopted and adapted by startups and businesses in the digital economy.

Creative Economy Speaker David Parrish in Minsk, Belarus

David’s presentation was streamed live on 01 June 2016 and is available on YouTube – see below:

Also at IMAGURU, David had a private meeting with the Laboratory of Design Thinking group. He presented a copy of his book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ to Nastia Khamiankova, Co-Founder and COO of IMAGURU.

Laboratory of Design Thinking group at IMAGURU
Laboratory of Design Thinking group at IMAGURU


David was in Minsk to deliver a business strategy and growth workshop for cultural and creative leaders on the subject of Strategic Planning. He also had meetings at the British Embassy and with several leading entrepreneurs and businesses in the creative industries in Belarus.

David Parrish inspires and empowers creative entrepreneurs world-wide as an international creative industries speaker, consultant, trainer and author.

As an international creative economy keynote speaker, David informs, entertains and inspires creative businesses around the world. His speeches and presentations illustrate how to become even more successful by using a creative approach to business models, competitive advantage, strategic marketing and profitable growth strategies. He speaks about business growth strategies, marketing, international business, strategic planning and other subjects relevant to creative businesses in the Creative Economy and Digital Economy.