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Below are some travel blogs that connect to my advice, speeches and writing about creative entrepreneurship to achieve success in the creative, digital and cultural industries.

My work is integrated with my passion for travel. This unique mixture of business consultant and international traveller makes me what I am. I love travelling and I hope it makes me wiser too, so that I can be even more helpful to the businesses I advise.

These travel blogs reflect on various business issues and different approaches to life as a creative entrepreneur as I travel around the world:

A run before dawn near the international dateline
When you arrive, destinations (and business goals) are never quite as you had imagined them
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Marooned in the Solomon Islands
Getting away from business ‘busy-ness’ on Dolphin View Beach
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The Great Little Tongatapu South Pacific Ocean Drive
Pioneering a new classic road trip in the Kingdom of Tonga
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Finding a route over the mountains in Macedonia
Without proper maps or paths, there are still some small signs to if you look for them…
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Observing Timor Leste without taking photos
I am inspired by the acute observation and travel writings of Robert Louis Stevenson
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Surviving without wi-fi in Papua New Guinea
Coping with the stress of being digitally stranded in Port Moresby
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A Postcard from Malin Head
International communications from the edge of Europe, then and now
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From Mount Errigal to the Blue Ocean
Choosing the path less travelled, in the mountains, and in business
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A Sense of Place
A world traveller’s perspective on my home town in the north of England
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More travel blogs, coming soon…

Estonian eResidency: a walk in the park
Kidnapped in Mexico
Midnight train to Marrakech
Going back to the ‘murder capital of the world’
Osaka in the snow
Stranded in Saudi Arabia
Climbing above the clouds in the Arctic Circle
A birthday party in Shanghai
Overnight in third class from Delhi to Varanasi
Public transport in Cape Verde


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Travel blogs

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