Creative Industries Keynote Speaker in Tartu

David was the creative industries keynote speaker at the “Fashion and Technology” seminar organised by the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries in Estonia.

creative industries seminar speaker

The event took place on Friday 09 June 2017 in Tartu. David spoke “Opportunities for Fashion Entrepreneurs in the Digital Era”, drawing on his international experience of helping creative industries businesses to become even more successful.

Creative Industries Keynote Speaker

David spoke about:
1. How to be Creative in the Studio – and also in the Office using the “T-Shirts and Suits” approach and two kinds of creativity: “a-Creativity” and “i-Creativity”
2. Creative Business Models including the Freemium model, Co-opetition, Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Funding and Licensing Intellectual Property, using international case studies.
3. Are you a Creative Labourer or Creative Entrepreneur? Adapting the E-Myth to the creative industries.
4. Business Growth including different definitions of growth for the 21st century.
5. Marketing – Strategic and Authentic, drawing on material from the book ‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success’
6. How to Create Your Own Business Formula to achieve success in the creative industries (see article below).
7. Looking into the Future, especially the changes in customer behaviour.

David also referred to some free resources online, which help creative entrepreneurs to develop their creative enterprises, in fashion and other creative industries subsectors.

All free resources are listed on this page.

Free online courses for creative entrepreneurs in fashion and other creative businesses.

All ‘Ideas in Action’ case study articles can be downloaded, printed and redistributed.
These include two relating directly to the fashion industry:
Caribbean Solopreneur; and
Selling Hope, wrapped up in T-Shirts

David’s book ’T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ is also available as a free eBook.

An article “Create Your Own Business Formula” is available as a free download in several languages.

David worked in partnership with the team at Tartu Centre for Creative Industries.

Tartu Creative Industries Centre team with David Parrish

David with (left to right) Juta Kuhlberg, Auli Solo, Reigo Kuivjõgi and Liis Pärtelpoeg.

Creative Industries Keynote Speaker

Introducing his presentation, creative industries keynote speaker David Parrish said:
“We live in exciting times. Fashion entrepreneurs face a dazzling array of new opportunities: business models, materials, e-commerce, branding, niche marketing and more. The challenge is to use the right combination of these to devise your own unique formula for success. This presentation will explore these opportunities and guide you towards business success in the fashion industry.”