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Creative Industries Job Creation

Creating new jobs in twos and threes, hundreds of times over, month by month, is great news for the economy, but not seen as ‘news’ by the media. Consequently, creative industries job creation is often overlooked by the media and the economic impact of the creative industries is underestimated. Here’s an article I wrote about …

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Creative Industries Urban Regeneration

The creative industries have the potential to be a significant factor in economic growth in the UK and other countries. The potential to create jobs and wealth in the digital and creative sectors has been recognised by national governments and local authorities for some time. Creative Industries Urban Regeneration is seen by many local authorities …

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Business Models for Creative Enterprises – a Starting Point

A Facebook friend called Phil sent me a message asking for advice about creating an effective business model for his creative enterprise. I didn’t have much time – but I didn’t want to ignore it either – so I sent a quick answer. This is what I wrote: Here’s the starting point of a business …

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