Creative Business Article published in Italian

The creative business article ‘Create Your Own Business Formula’ has been translated and published in Italian.

The article was translated by Ubaldo Spina  who is a member of the EDITORIAL BOARD of “Il Giornale dell’Architettura”.

The article can be downloaded from the Create Your Own Business Formula page of this website.

It is published using a Creative Commons licence which allows anyone to copy, print and redistribute the article, provided that it is not changed or sold.

Creative Business Article published in Italian

This is the eleventh translation and publication of the article. It has previously been published in English, Spanish, Romanian, German, Portuguese, French, Russian, Indonesian, Azerbaijani, Thai and Belarusian (so far!)

Please contact David Parrish if you would like to translate and publish this article in other languages. For more details, see the Translations section at the bottom of this page.

The article was written by David Parrish as book chapter and David retains copyright in the work. The translator, Ubaldo Spina, has copyright in the Italian translation.

David and Ubaldo have chosen to publish it free of charge using a Creative Commons licence which allows anyone to copy, print and redistribute it – provided they don’t change it or sell it. That means anyone can give it away, send it as an email attachment, offer it as a download from their site, or distribute it on CD or other media (for example as part of a conference or workshop information pack).

David is inviting people to translate this article into other languages. The translated articles will then be published free of charge using the same Creative Commons licence. This means that the translator will have copyright in the translated work and agree for the article to be made available free of charge. The translator will have a credit, copyright notice, and a link to their (or their organisation’s) website in the published document.

Contact David regarding further translations.