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Creativity Techniques and Tools

There are many creativity techniques and tools that can be used to generate new ideas and devise creative solutions to business problems. A small selection appears below: Reframing the Question This technique involves asking the question in a different way, so that more options and ideas can be discovered. Very often the question is asked …

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Paul Smith talks business

In a fascinating interview, fashion design guru Paul Smith talked about many aspects of growing a business in the creative industries, including: How he succeeds as a creative entrepreneur by saying no to many potential clients, choosing only those projects which fit his brand and excite his creativity. He has (politely) rejected the opportunity to …

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Creativity in Business

In this short video, David Parrish talks about: How Creativity and Business can be combined intelligently and sensitively to achieve business and creative success in a way which is consistent with our values and objectives. Being Creative in Business: How creative people can be creative in the office as well as the studio. In other …

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