Creativity in Business

In this short video, David Parrish talks about:

  • How Creativity and Business can be combined intelligently and sensitively to achieve business and creative success in a way which is consistent with our values and objectives.
  • Being Creative in Business: How creative people can be creative in the office as well as the studio. In other words, how creativity can also be applied to the ‘business system’ or business model. We need to apply our creativity not only to working ‘in’ the business but also ‘on’ the business.
  • How creative entrepreneurs have raised finance for projects in unconventional ways, applying their creativity to business issues, including ‘crowd-financing’ or ‘crowd-funding’.
  • How to Achieve Your Own Version of Success. Advice on being clear about your objectives and personal definition of “success”. Don’t just follow the crowd or develop your business in the way others suggest. Decide what you mean by Success – and then go and achieve it!

David also spoke about creativity in business in his keynote speech at TEDx Napoli on the subject of a-creativity and i-creativity.

This is a video of excerpts of the keynote speech by David Parrish about ‘Creativity and Business’ at the Shropshire Creative Business Conference in Shrewsbury in 2011. Click for more information about David’s experience and expertise as a speaker.

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