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Viral marketing – MUTO video

Thanks to Danielly Netto from Newcastle University Business School, who’s researching business models in the creative industries, for including this viral video in her presentation. This is a video from artist BLU showing the awesome MUTO ‘animated graffiti’ work in Buenos Aires. Published on the internet using a Creative Commons licence, it’s already had about …

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3,14 or 50 Kinds of ‘Free’

Thanks to Hannah Rudman for sending me a link to an article on Chris Anderson’s ‘Long Tail’ website about ’14 Free Business Models’, which is based on a paper entitled ‘Copying and Copyright’ by Google’s economist, Hal Varian. The 14 business models which involve giving things away free include: ‘Sell Physical Complements’, ‘Advertise Yourself’, ‘Sell …

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