Toolbox Narajna speech at Colombia 4.0

David was the international keynote speaker at the Toolbox Naranja event, which was part of Colombia 4.0 2019. The event was held in Bogotá in September 2019.

His speech was entitled: “A Million Successful Small Creative Enterprises – Connected in Communities”. 

In his presentation to Colombian creative entrepreneurs, David spoke about:
– The Orange Economy worldwide, with examples from around the world
– The reality of the Orange Economy on the ground – small creative enterprises
– Creative Entrepreneurship and key business issues for creative companies
– The importance of Creative Districts and Creative Hubs, with examples from around the world

The focus of the event was practical advice, information and support for creative enterprises in the Orange Economy in Colombia.

“David was our international speaker at Toolbox Naranja and brought his extensive international experience to the event. As an expert in creative entrepreneurship, and with knowledge of creative districts around the world, we regard David as a partner in our ambitious initiatives in the Orange Economy in Colombia. Moreover it’s easy to work with David because he is a professional; not only as an excellent speaker but also because he co-operates fully with our deadlines, requests for information and videos, and local media interviews.” 
– Laura Franco. Toolkit Naranja. Coolture Investments, Colombia

Some practical creative business development resources for entrepreneurs in the Orange Economy are listed on the ‘Toolbox Naranja’ page of this website.

These resources include:
– the book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’, which is published in Colombia in a Spanish translation as ‘Camisetas y Corbatas: Una Guia para los Negocios Creativos’.
– The marketing book ‘Chase One Rabbit’ is also available in Spanish as an eBook and paperback.
– David’s article ‘Create Your Own Business Formula’ is also available in a Spanish translation.

Colombia 4.0 is the premier digital and creative economy event for innovation in technology and business.

Toolbox Naranja speech at Colombia 4.0
David with organisers Laura Franco and Juan Diego Ortiz.


Ignacio Gaitan at Colombia 4.0
Ignacio Gaitán, Juan Diego Ortiz, Felipe Buitrago, David Parrish


David is an Orange Economy speaker at conferences and other events in Latin America, the Caribbean and around the world. He brings his international experience of new business models in the Orange Economy to audiences worldwide. David’s keynote speeches, presentations and workshops inform and inspire both creative entrepreneurs and policy makers in the Orange Economy.

David works in partnership with Creative Hubs world-wide, to help them make their creative enterprises even more successful.

He has delivered creative business development workshops and business growth presentations at creative hubs, accelerators, co-working spaces and creative business centers in Thailand, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Vietnam, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia, Kosovo, New Zealand, Ireland, Belarus, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

David has helped creative industries enterprises in more that 50 countries around the world by working in partnership with creative hubs, accelerators, co-working spaces and creative business centers, conference organisers and creative industries support organisations.

David and his company T-Shirts and Suits Ltd are members of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN).

David’s company T-Shirts and Suits Ltd has offices in the creative districts of London and Liverpool.