Creative Georgia keynote speech

David was the keynote speaker at an online event organised by Creative Georgia in December 2020.

His speech had the title “How to be Successful Creatively AND Commercially”.

It included examples of successful creative entrepreneurship from David’s clients and other creative entrepreneurs around the world.

Creative Georgia

Prizes for pitching teams
As a gesture of support to the project, all participants in the pitching teams will receive a free copy of David’s toolkit publication.
Members of the winning pitching team will each be awarded access to one of his online video-based courses.
Toolkit publication: “Designing Your Creative Business” – a Toolkit in a booklet to download and use to devise a winning business formula (link…)
Video-based course: “RE-Designing Your Creative Business” – an online toolkit to design your business model for real success (link…)

The following free online resources provide additional information relating to the keynote speech for Creative Georgia, plus David’s wider work supporting the creative industries and cultural management worldwide:

– Free eBook in Georgian: ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ (PDF download) (link…)
– Free online course on marketing for cultural and creative managers (link…)
– Free online course on strategic planning for cultural and creative managers (link…)
– Videos from the Creative Entrepreneurship course at Monash University, Australia (link…)
– Video of David’s presentation at the Creative Entrepreneurship Academy about creative business models for museums and other cultural institution (link…)
– Online article: “How Museums Can Generate Revenue Through Digital Content and Virtual Experiences” (link…)

Additional free business development resources for creative and cultural entrepreneurs are online here.

“Creative Georgia invited David Parrish to participate as main speaker in the online conference of the RE -conception project in the context of the British Council support program, ‘Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Program’. His speech bore the title “How to be Successful Creatively AND Commercially”, in which he emphasized the smart sides of being creative and commercial at the same time. He brought in his own life experience, and the way he expressed his ideas was very inspiring for the Georgian audience. Especially for the newcomers and students who found his lecture motivating and encouraging. In the end of the event the pitching competition happened and the winner team received the special prize from David Parrish which is an online toolkit “RE-designing Your Creative Business”. Creative Georgia team thanks him for the contribution and involvement”.
Tiki Baghashvili. Creative Georgia,

David’s keynote speech is part of an event for the Re-Conception project involving Creative Georgia, the British Council, the University of East Anglia and other partners.

“Re-conception” is funded by the British Council grant programme “Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise”. Project aims to develop student’s business and English language skills.

With Students participation, RE-conception this year was for the regional cultural festivals, such as KEFAL Fest from Samegrelo, Poti, Kazbegi Ethno Festival from Kazbegi, ROKVA Festival from Racha and Aqtushetii festival from Tusehti.

Creative Spark

David works internationally and online as a keynote speaker, trainer and business adviser.
He is an expert in creative entrepreneurship and author of the books: ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ and ‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success’.

He has previously worked in partnership with Creative Georgia, the British Council and many other organisations around the world, helping creative entrepreneurs to become even more successful.

Creative Georgia

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