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Sell Designs not Products

I was recently advising a creative entrepreneur in the USA. We discussed various options for devising a suitable business model for him and one option was to sell designs not products. Chris Mansell is a creative individual, developing new ideas and products, using Arduino based electronics, specialising in interactive addressable LEDs, along with 3D design, …

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That photo of Che Guevara

You know the one I mean. The the famous one of Che Guevara wearing a beret. It’s been reproduced millions of times, not least on t-shirts and posters. You’d think it was in the public domain but actually the copyright belonged to the original Cuban photographer, Alberto Díaz ‘Korda’ Gutierrez – and now to his …

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Alienate and Embrace Customers

The most successful creative entrepreneurs deliberately alienate those customers who don’t matter in order to more strongly embrace those who really do matter. Not all customers are good customers and marketing is about choosing the right customers; it’s not about trying to please everyone. Of course this means you have to choose which customers not …

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