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iPhone App from T-Shirts and Suits

Coming soon! The iPhone App from T-Shirts and Suits. “Getting the T-Shirts and Suits iPhone App is a no-brainer. Bite size chunks of great thinking and advice right there in the palm of your hand. Most content is around three to four minutes, so however busy you are, this is cool. Anyone in creative industries …

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That photo of Che Guevara

You know the one I mean. The the famous one of Che Guevara wearing a beret. It’s been reproduced millions of times, not least on t-shirts and posters. You’d think it was in the public domain but actually the copyright belonged to the original Cuban photographer, Alberto Díaz ‘Korda’ Gutierrez – and now to his …

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Protecting – and profiting from – your Intellectual Property

How do you protect your creative works? And importantly – how do you generate income streams from your intellectual property? Creative people are rightly concerned about being ripped off, so we need to know more about how to protect our works by understanding and using intellectual property rights (IPR) such as copyright, trade marks, patents …

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