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The creative marketing book ‘Chase One Rabbit’ is selling worldwide in eBook, paperback and Audiobook formats.

‘Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs’ is a creative marketing book that combines inspirational stories and practical techniques, inspiring entrepreneurs to make their businesses even more successful by using smart marketing that fits with their values and objectives.

“Easily the best book on marketing I’ve ever read.” – Ray Hanks (watch video)

This 5-Star reviewed “Marketing for Creatives” book is inspires creative entrepreneurs internationally, helping them make their creative businesses even more successful using a smart and strategic approach to marketing. Each of the 63 short sections can be read in minutes and each section recommends practical things to do immediately.

The book is selling internationally through Amazon in countries as diverse as Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Australia, Italy, Germany and India as well as the UK and USA. Through Amazon, iTunes, Nook, Kobo, other retailers  – and direct from the publisher – it is available world-wide.
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Chase one Rabbit is also available translated into Spanish and French. These translations of the creative marketing book are available in paperback and eBook formats from Amazon in Spain, Mexico, France and the UK.

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What creative entrepreneurs say about this leading creative marketing book
Extracts from 40+ full reviews include:

“A truly brilliant and clever book”
“This book is my business Bible!”
“Hoping my competitors don’t read this book”
“David’s book made me look at marketing differently”
“The most consumable business book I’ve ever read”
“I use this book every day”
“Chase One Rabbit is priceless”
“Both extremely useful and an entertaining read”
“David’s book inspires me to jump in to action”
“Great to just dip into”
“What a useful book!”
“Full to the brim with tips to sustain and gain quality business”
“I love the Key Points and Next Steps”
“The “What to do next” sections really motivated me”
“I will read this inspiring book time and again”

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Chase One Rabbit book cover and eBookChase One Rabbit. Marketing Audiobook cover

Creative entrepreneurs review creative marketing book ‘Chase One Rabbit’

“David Parrish has done it again! T-Shirts and Suits was a winsome, reliable guide to thinking creatively and then following through when launching a creative business. Chase One Rabbit addresses one of the most persistent problems small businesses encounter – the issue of customers. This is a powerful little book whose insights will spare you gobs of wasted time and money doing the wrong things. These ideas if applied well will move small businesses (no matter how creative) forward in the marketplace.  But by all means read it now, with not another moment to delay, ideally BEFORE you create your business! It is a quick read the first time and then worthwhile reading several more times in spurts to keep you on track. Vintage Parrish – like a good, fine wine to which you keep returning like a reliable true friend that adds zest and zing to one’s life.”
Dennis Cheek, Executive Director, National Creativity Network (USA)
and Co-chair, Global Creativity United

“After 20 years of  running marketing and brand communication businesses, I can honestly say  ‘Chase one Rabbit’ is one of the best business books I’ve read. Written in David’s signature easy no nonsense style, it gives you a huge amount of knowledge quickly and enjoyably. If you’re running a business or just interested in marketing and advertising, then you should read this, it’s excellent!”
Jan Peters
Founder USP 

“I wish ‘Chase One Rabbit’ had been out 14 years ago when we started up Mocha. It’s packed full of practical strategic marketing advice backed up by real anecdotes that ring so true. And it’s the most consumable business book I’ve ever read. This is a must for all creative business owners from small start-ups to big established agencies.”
Owen Cotterell, Director
Mocha Productions Ltd

“Reading ‘Chase One Rabbit’ could not have come at a better time for me, as I was in the process of reviewing our business strategy and could not see the wood from the trees. I have always thought of myself as a businessman, not a marketeer. I never studied marketing, and thought it was a skill set I didn’t have which should be left to the ‘experts’. David’s book made me look at marketing differently – namely that strategic marketing is very much my job as Managing Director, and I’m the best person to work it out. The book’s lack of jargon, and good honest straight talking was common sense I could relate to. So I locked myself away for two days and read the book whilst making lots of notes. The key points and what to do next after each section gave rise to lots of questions. Luckily, I had all of the answers in my head but the book helped me make sense of them. I have emerged with a clear plan. I know the market I want to go after, and I know the message to tell them. David’s advice in Chase One Rabbit reinvigorated me, and gave me the confidence to take action. I’m taking control of our marketing strategy and it feels great!”
Neil Adams, Managing Director
Powerhouse Photography Ltd

“There is a very small group of people in this world who truly understand marketing. The number plummets to a handful when you look for the ability to explain what they know to others. Whilst David has always had this rare talent, he’s excelled himself with ‘Chase One Rabbit’. From sole traders to corporate decision-makers, the benefits of reading this book will be immeasurable. As easy to read as David is easy to listen to, the book is littered with gems of great advice, explained with examples from David’s very very long life (and he’s a lot younger than me).  Perhaps I shouldn’t be selective but David’s invention of the word ‘Plogger’ is so apt for our rapidly changing world and demonstrates that this is a book not only for our time but for the future as well.
Ray Hanks
Former MD of the biggest specialist Marketing Agency in Europe

“If you are in business and think you know nothing about marketing, then this book is for you. If you are in marketing and think there is nothing you need to know about marketing, then this book is for you. Using a series of fresh stories, David takes time to focus on the distinction between strategic marketing and marketing communications and forces you to ask yourself the important questions no matter what stage you are at in business. Chase One Rabbit’s inclusive style will help you navigate the nebulous world of marketing and brush aside those marketing tomes gathering dust on your shelf.”
Mark Beaumont, Founder and Executive Creative Director

“What a useful book! Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new business idea or you have been running your own company for years, David has lots of things to remind you. We all know about marketing, competitors, pricing, etc. But we need to see things from a realistic and effective point of view, and that’s what David does with his tips: he helps us look at these fundamental aspects of our business differently. And he does it in a very smart way, using real examples of entrepreneurs who have succeeded – or failed – during their career. I am amazed by David’s ability to bring so many real examples, perfectly adapted to the tips he is giving to us. This is not an ordinary book, this is a guide we should keep on our desks and check regularly.”
Jone Zubiaga, Director
Peopleing. Bilbao, Spain

“David has taken years of experience in the creative industries and combined it with his marketing expertise to create this easy to read, powerful guide to achieving a successful business. Whether you are an established business, or thinking of starting out as a creative entrepreneur, this is an essential, inspirational read.  The book is excellent – I will most certainly read again, and again!”
Sally Edgar. Owner
Buzz PR and Marketing

“I was hooked at introduction. This book hit me like a nail in the head – just at the right moment in my life. I made several key findings to clarify the very core of my business. I love that the cases are short. I love the structure of the book. I love the advice on what NOT to do. I love the Key Points and Next Steps. It´s a refreshing book that encourages you to be your authentic self – find the one thing you excel in – and do better business by doing so. It is a must read for creative business experts, people in strategic leadership positions and marketing.”
Antti Eklund. Chief coach, President
innopropeller llc

“David’s book is 20 years too late for me. I wish I had it when starting out in business. I was one of David’s ‘busy fools’ Had I applied the knowledge contained in Chase One rabbit I would have saved myself time, money, energy and the frustration that comes with fixing what with hindsight were simple mistakes. Chase One Rabbit is easy to read and digest, practical and filled with real world examples where the principles he talks about are applied. Highly recommended.”
Wayne Morris
Director Future Edge Ltd
Founder NZCreativity

“David’s common sense approach to strategic marketing is easy to understand and makes this book an enjoyable read. I found the short anecdotes were memorable and contained strategic marketing lessons that have improved my way of thinking on a daily basis. A quick look on my way to work each morning encouraged me to reflect on what I had read throughout the day in small easy to digest stages.”
Christopher Moss. Director
Route One Websites Ltd

“David’s book is aptly named. Writing with seemingly casual precision David really does cut to the chase, providing a straightforward, practical and achievable guide to successful marketing.  Stripping away the jargon that has become attached to marketing, the book provides solid advice, backed up by case studies at every turn. Like the best learning experiences, reading this book is enjoyable and easy, making the advice much more likely to stick. I will refer back to this book time and again, to reinforce my thinking and inform my decision-making, and I heartily recommend it to anyone trying to run a successful business.”
Neil Dutton, Director,
Water Street Marketing Company

“David’s concise and clear language enables us to hold a mirror up to our own marketing experiences – failures and successes. Chase One Rabbit reminds us that however difficult it may seem to step off the treadmill and to step back and ask ourselves probing questions, it is something we should do now and more frequently than we do. The reward for taking this time is not just financial success but much wider – a reengagement with our initial passion for our business, realignment of marketing with customer needs, smarter working and ultimately better and more profitable customer relationships. The handy self-help questions posed in this book are valid for business start-ups and established firms – small or large. The tips and illustrations provided will resonate just as well with manufacturing, engineering and other kinds of industrial companies as they will with creative companies.”
Adrian Maguire, Director
Ainsworth Maguire PR

“The book by David Parrish “Chase  One Rabbit” is a fantastically useful guide for all creative entrepreneurs who want to develop their business, or are at the very beginning of their sales. David’s Book is not just a guide to action, it’s a comprehensive approach to such a complex phenomenon as “marketing”. Vivid examples and practical well-structured advice would help you easily try one or another guide to action on your business situation. The book is a collection of personal referrals and recommendations for every entrepreneur regardless of the type of creative work and place of residence, each will find useful information for his or her business in this book.”
Olga Kizina
Director. Creative Industries Agency, Moscow, Russia

“Chase One Rabbit is an important book for everybody running or hoping to run their creative business. Full of important wisdom, it guides creative entrepreneurs through a series of crucial realisations toward real marketing and authentic success. Insights like: “Generalisation leads to competition, whereas Specialisation leads to partnership” or “Marketing is about looking at things from the customers’s point of view” are worth the whole book alone; and I know from my experience of working with creative businesses how difficult they really are to recognise. “Chase One Rabbit” successfully mixes Marketing theory, real-life cases and David’s trademark practical tips to ensure that readers truly feel confident in starting to “Work Smart, not Hard”. “

Florence Harmelin.
The Network of Atoms

“Chase One Rabbit provides a no-nonsense, practical guide to strategic marketing.  It has a logical, clear thinking approach and provides invaluable insights and tips for any business owner, or marketing professional. I enjoyed the “what to do next” points – encouraging the reader to practically apply the learning from each section to your own business. David’s calm and thoughtful approach comes through strongly, and actively promotes rational thought when panic about “making sales” can often clutter the mind.”
Stephanie Hosny.
Business Development Manager. Inviqa

“The advice in ‘Chase one rabbit’ is clear, to the point, and very much grounded in a pragmatic approach to starting, or changing a business.  Through real life examples, David shows that rather than being one of several key areas of a business, strategic Marketing is the key area. Without a sound strategic marketing plan at its core, a business lacks a good reason to exist.  The information is structured in an approachable way, introducing new ideas, whilst re-enforcing others; equally suitable for reading cover to cover, or dipping in and out.  David’s book inspires me to jump in to action.”

Rebecca Gouldson

“Chase One Rabbit” is a practical and inspiring marketing handbook for business owners and marketing professionals.  A useful and engaging read, essential for entrepreneurs who need clear strategy to deliver results and remove the clutter.”
Shirley-Ann O’Neill
Director, Liverpool Contemporary Arts Fair

“Chase One Rabbit is a fantastic marketing handbook for entrepreneurs. The insights and techniques from some of the biggest brands in the world are thoroughly researched and presented in an engaging way – unlike many business and marketing handbooks on the market, Chase One Rabbit is both extremely useful and an entertaining read. I can’t recommend this book enough.”
Andrew Beattie. Founder
Give Me Soul Ltd

“When I first met David Parrish years ago, I was stunned by his ease in explaining marketing and business techniques in a simple and objective way. Since then, I have been learning from him how creativity and smart business thinking should walk along together. Let’s face it! When it comes to professional literature, few times we see the combination of substantial  and relevant content with a nice and easygoing reading style. ‘Chase One Rabbit’, David’s new work, has this merit. You can’t stop reading until you finish it! His insightful views, amazing hints and the activities he proposes (be sure to do them!) will give you a whole new perspective on how to run your enterprise. Definitely, one of the best business books in recent years. In short, chase one rabbit and good ideas will chase you.”

Fábio Fonseca
Marketing Consultant. Brazil

“Chase One Rabbit has certainly helped to shape my thoughts and future plans for business. I love written words which inspire and this little gem is full to the brim with tips to sustain and gain quality business. A life changing book that teaches fledgling creative entrepreneurs how to fly.”
Mike Baugh. Cabaret & Variety Artiste

“Chase One Rabbit by David Parrish is a great marketing book and a very useful tool for all creative entrepreneurs. Strategic marketing can be a laborious subject and reading David’s book was a pleasant and refreshing experience. It is the ONE marketing book to keep within easy reach on your bookshelf as a reference. It is clear, concise and full of smart business advice from David. It is a truly brilliant and clever book. All thumbs up!”
Eliane Strasser
Jewellery designer

“Simple, uncluttered and totally readable. David’s book is bursting with practical and easy to implement ideas that can transform a business – what more can you ask from a book on strategic marketing? As a strategic marketing consultant myself, I will recommend this book to all my clients.”
Val Davies
Val Davies Consulting

“The knowledge and reminders gained from Chase One Rabbit are a must-read for any digital or creative business owner. The book provides clean and clear insights into how you should be running your business and valuing the work that you produce. It’s both easy to understand and a great way to focus your business.”
Gavin Sherratt, Managing Director
Studio Mashbo

“Chase One Rabbit is an extraordinary tool for entrepreneurs and business consultants. David Parrish delivers a practical approach on strategic marketing based on his remarkable experience with creative companies. Chase One Rabbit covers how marketing is crucial at every stage of a business. The author uses actual examples combining both theory and practice to focus on key points on how to build the mix: right product for the right customer. The book also help to clarify the widespread idea that marketing is just about advertisement and selling; in reality it is a strategic, essential and comprehensive process which can define the success of a company. This a great book if you are starting a business or you are engaged in redefining you current company.”
Guillermo Olivares
Nodo Industrias Creativas. Chile

“Chase One Rabbit is a really accessible book that enables its readers to quickly get to grips with the practice of strategic marketing. The book takes a no-nonsense approach to dispensing valuable advice and insights into this field, empowering the reader to take control of the marketing of their business with both confidence and acumen. The anecdotes that are scattered throughout its pages provide valuable case-study examples of real-life marketing scenarios, giving newcomers to the field a heads-up on the marketing pitfalls to avoid, as well as some clear ideas about how they can move forward. As a new start-up, this book will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our marketing strategy.”
Hayley Trowbridge, Executive Director
wehearttech C.I.C.

“A marketing blueprint for all creative business owners, Chase One Rabbit is a ‘must read’ book for both new and established creative businesses, whether they are looking to grow or just want to work more efficiently. David informs and provides examples of case studies, but he also poses insightful questions to the reader. Questioning which has enabled me to take a much more objective view of my business and my present marketing. I have found it immensely useful and will be using it to take my business forward.”

Patricia Niland
Dune Design

“A must read for anyone in the creative industry, ‘Chase One Rabbit’ is a straight talking practical guide to strategic marketing. It’s simple, easy to follow and the “What to do next” sections really motivated me to put David’s brilliant insights into practice straight away. I have no doubt I will read this inspiring book time and again. Highly recommended whether you’re a start-up or have been in the business for years.”
Dean Maddocks, Creative

“David’s book ‘Chase One Rabbit’ has helped me to get to the root of what marketing is and more importantly how it relates to me, and my business. As a freelance puppet designer I have always struggled to understand how marketing could work for me (and more fundamentally, what it actually is). This book explains in simple and interesting ways using stories I could relate to, how to integrate marketing into the whole running of a business. It has really inspired me, and I have already started working some of the key principles into what I do every day.”

Rowan Watts
VIP Puppets

“For me, Chase One Rabbit couldn’t have arrived at a better time, being at the start of a very exciting new project and of course being eager to do everything strategically right first time, I was keen to read David’s pearls of wisdom. The book itself is written in a no nonsense, jargon free style.  I found it easy to read and importantly, to digest properly. I particularly enjoyed its thought provoking manner that has sparked many ideas. I would recommend this to all who are in business. Thank you David!”
Stephanie Hughes
Second Skin Events

“David’s new book Chase One Rabbit is easy reading with valuable tips and examples for anyone who either is running their own business or about to start one. He makes a point about choosing the right customer segment, unique value proposition, marketing message and right media to reach customers. The short stories of entrepreneurs and businesses that David has helped over the years to succeed – explain where to focus and what to pay attention to. I loved the “lessons learned type” next steps and short summaries after each example. This is a good reference book on strategic marketing for anyone regardless of the level of experience.”
Joakim Karske
Adviser and Business Consultant

“Once again David has written an easy to use, jargon-free handy guide designed to help anyone running a creative business.  Great to just dip into and see what has worked and crucially what hasn’t for creatives tackling the often daunting subject of strategic marketing.  I was shouting ‘yes, yes’ at many of the suggestions and recommendations as well as some of the classic mistakes.  I’ll certainly be recommending this to past and current clients as a must read.”
Helen Palmer, Director
Palmer Squared and Creative Tourist

“Can’t help it, but I keep on reading from page to page which I don’t normally do when reading text books. Easy to understand, straight to the point, like hitting the target in just one strike while playing dart/bowling.  After reading T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity and Chase One Rabbit, I would say that David has the knack of making the complex simple. What a superb writer! Chase One Rabbit is a well written essential handbook for both entrepreneurs and educators. The theory meets the practice; the practice meets the theory – it substantiates theories and lectures as it focused on actual business exposures. As an entrepreneurship educator, this definitely has broadened my horizons on what must be emphasized, more or less, inside the classroom.  Moreover, it has made me rethink about simple, practical but substantive presentations. Looking forward to David’s next comprehensive and practical book – the soonest.”
Lorraine B. Ngaosi, National Board of Trustee
Entrepreneurship Educators’ Association of the Philippines, Inc.

“This is a great book that is easy to put down, easy in the sense that each section is easy to digest, very insightful and leads you into taking action in your business right away, my favourite kind of book. Once you have sent an email, called a colleague or written: a vision document then I look forward to picking up right where i left of on the next section.
I use David’s first book – ’T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ – as a manual to dip in and out of when thinking strategically about creative projects, I will use his new work in the same way when considering the marketing strategy of the projects I am involved with.”

Leon Rossiter. Founder
Instinctive Creations Ltd

“Like ‘T-Shirts and Suits’, David’s first book, ‘Chase One Rabbit’ is an easy to read, conversational introduction to marketing and all its little quirks. If you’re just starting out, or need a little spark in your current business, it’s well worth the few hours it takes to read.”
Jonathan Gibaud
Designer, Author and Entrepreneur

“This book is my business Bible! David is an amazing entrepreneur, an extremely knowledgeable marketing consultant and a skillful writer.
As an entrepreneur, I want actionable help in building my company, and Chase one Rabbit explains the HOW more than any other marketing book I’ve read. It lays out step by step with great guidance and real examples of what to do and how to do it. Chase One Rabbit is priceless especially when you are just starting out because it forces you to do the real work. If you only get one book on marketing, this should be it!”

Adriana Ursache. CEO & Co-Founder

“Strategic marketing is what’s required for every business but distilling that ‘marketing term’ into something meaningful is where the confusion sets in. The blindingly obvious is sometimes difficult to see when you’re in the day to day of work. This book makes strategic marketing a reality for everyone. It provides a structured common-sense approach to making a success of what you do well. Its well written a great resource that I will draw upon going forward. As you read this book, you can start to see what areas to push and which you need to let go of and that type of freedom is needed in your business. Never a selfish thought… I was hoping my competitors don’t read this book but when you read and ‘Chase One Rabbit’ there’s a certain irony in that!”
Nick Taylor. Managing Director
e-blueprint digital

“David’s unique ability to break down complex ideas into bite-sized chunks make it easy for readers to take away practical ideas that are applicable to any industry. As entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for ways to expand and improve their businesses, Chase One Rabbit helps draw a clearer perspective in framing your company’s strategy with the challenges it faces.”
Michelle Barretto. Managing Director and Chief Strategist
Vitamin B Inc, Branding Consultancy, Philippines

“It’s a well written straight talking book aimed at creative entrepreneurs written in an easy to digest way. David’s wealth of knowledge in strategy, and in growing and running a creative business comes across in this book. I would recommend it highly and will continue to go back to it.”

Lee Omar, CEO
Red Ninja Studios 

“Not just for the creative endeavours, but as owner of a particularly tricky arts business to market to people, I find that David Parrish opens a door to the less strategically minded practitioner and creates an accessible way to cross its threshold. ‘Chase One Rabbit’ enabled me to really think about who I should be looking after, instead of who should I be constantly, fruitlessly pursuing. As always, anecdotal, entertaining, yet endlessly useful.”
Chris Carney, Director
Threshold Festival

“I have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of David Parrish’s workshops and have always come away armed with a range of practical skills to apply to my creative enterprise. David’s new book ‘Chase One Rabbit’ is as informative and inspiring as his workshops and has made me realise that the marketing of my work can be a creative and exciting process in itself.”
Pauline Hughes, Owner
Pauline Hughes Ceramics

“Chase One Rabbit does a great job of breaking down the myth that marketing is all about advertising. It provides a great range of practical tips, case studies and exercises that help you work out not only how you should sell your business, but also what you should be doing to make your activities saleable. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone in business – whether they’re just starting out or seeking an inspirational break from the norm.”

Harry Robbins

“The problem with modern marketing (and modern life for that matter) is that it can get pretty complicated, pretty quickly. Execute your plan well – read this book.”
Phil Blything, Director
Glow New Media Ltd

“David shares inspirational case studies and personal experiences to demonstrate how essential strategic marketing is to any business.  This easy to read, thought-provoking book is packed with helpful tips and techniques.  I will definitely refer to this book again and again.  Chase One Rabbit makes you THINK and ACT – a must read!”
Clare Ellis. Artist

“I’ve had a copy of T Shirts & Suits for a number of years, which continues to be a handbook for those wishing to marry creativity to sound business thinking. Normally I’d run a mile from any book with “strategic marketing” in the title, but in his latest offering David Parrish continues where he left off with “T Shirts..”, giving an accessible and bite-sized collection of tips, illustrated by real-life examples, on marketing for creative business. The beauty of this book is its avoidance of crusty theorising in place of practical examples of what works and what doesn’t. Not a book to sit down and read at one sitting, rather a toolbox of ideas to be dipped into as the need arises.”
Tony O’Neill

“David, as with ‘T Shirt and Suits’, has an uncanny ability to take MBA level strategic marketing, apply it to the diverse creative sector, and summarise the logic and principles in a way that works for all. An antidote to Busy Fool syndrome, offering a calm, considered customer led approach to business. A must have for Creative entrepreneurs”.
Anthony Byrne. Sector Manager Creative Industries
Invest In Nottingham

“I use this book everyday for dipping into look for advice and inspiration. It is a fantastic easy to use guide. It is invaluable for someone like me who is staring their own business. Dave has lots of sound advice and experience which resonates with top business strategies. I think this is a book I will use for life, every day I find more gems of how to improve my business. I am so pleased with it. It is a real find and I would recommend it to anyone in business. The clear and consistent advice is brilliant and it has become my business bible. I love the tips. I love the case studies and seeing how people have taken the advice in their own business. It is interesting to read and I am so pleased I have my copy!”
Kate Mullin

“This is a great book to read in small sections on your phone, taking inspiration in a few minutes of reading then putting the suggestions into action immediately. As a photographer and video maker I found David’s previous book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ really useful. He’s a well-respected business advisor for creative entrepreneurs and I have always valued his advice. He has a great way of explaining how to market your creative products strategically.”
Christopher Mansell

This creative marketing book contains 63 short sections, each of which can be read quickly and acted upon immediately. It’s full of creative marketing ideas, action points, and useful marketing techniques.

You can download it onto your phone now and then use one of these sections to improve your marketing within minutes. This creative marketing book is also available as an AudioBook.

Each section of this highly-acclaimed creative marketing book could increase your sales and profits, giving you a massive return on your small investment of buying the eBook.

The 63 creative marketing sections are presented in ten parts, covering marketing strategy, niche marketing, marketing objectives, target markets, pricing, market research, customer benefits, customer relationships, customers’ perceptions, and marketing communications. Each small section is useful in itself and the reader can hop around within the book, selecting sections from their intriguing titles, without having to read the whole book in a linear way.

See links below to videos of creative entrepreneurs talking about how a particular one of the creative marketing tips, techniques or tales has helped them to make their business even more successful. All videos also online here.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Marketing is not a fancy word for ‘selling’

Part One
First things first
Thinking strategically about marketing

1 Authentic marketing (watch video) (blog post)
2 Marketing makes selling superfluous
3 Strategy is invisible (read extract from book)
4 How not to sell food to the French
5 Is there a market in the gap?
6 The big fight: sales vs production
7 Quirky but strategic
8 a-Creativity: i-Creativity

Part Two
Marketing focus
Find your niche amongst competitors

9 Chase one rabbit (watch video)
10 Are you a ‘busy fool’? (read extract from book)
11 How to turn weaknesses into strengths
12 What’s your competitive advantage? (read extract from book)
13 How to make lots of enemies (watch video)
14 A question from a Facebook friend

Part Three
Marketing – towards what?
Goals, values and personal style

15 Do you want to be successful? (watch video)
16 Values, passion and personal style (watch video)
17 Your difference is your strength
18 Positive strategy involves deciding what not to do (watch video)
19 What does growth mean?

Part Four
Choosing the right customers
Why you shouldn’t try to sell to everyone

20 Not all customers are good customers! (watch video) (read extract from book)
21 How many customers do you need?
22 The important few
23 Location, location, location…
24 Niche marketing, not mass marketing
25 Why ‘raising your profile’ is a waste of time (read extract from book)

Part Five
The price of marketing
How to set the right prices

26 Increase prices – to lose customers! (read extract from book)
27 You don’t have to sell cheap or sell out
28 The high price of benefits
29 Reassuringly expensive
30 Help your retailers
31 Free
32 Invoices can state two prices

Part Six
Don’t talk to customers – listen first
Listening to customers and other market research techniques

33 Don’t do market research! (read extract from book)
34 Customers know stuff we don’t
35 Crowd-testing
36 Is it really a feasibility study?

Part Seven
What’s in it for me?
Selling benefits to customers

37 Nobody cares about you and your business [online soon]
38 Selling benefits
39 Barking up the wrong tree
40 Why awards don’t matter [online soon]
41 Why my website didn’t get any hits

Part Eight
It’s personal
Why customers need to know, like and trust you

42 It’s not ‘proper marketing’ (watch video) (read extract from book)
43 Who the hell is ‘info’?! [online soon]
44 Follow the love (watch video)
45 Do Google rankings matter?
46 Observe yourself
47 Analyse successes as well as failures
48 Trust trumps competence

Part Nine
What customers see is not what you see
Understanding customers’ perspectives

49 Customers’ eyes
50 Quality, yes. But whose quality?
51 What are they buying from you really?
52 How to reverse the advertising message (read extract from book)
53 The foreigner’s advantage
54 Your business name is not for you
55 Maybe you’re the brand

Part Ten
Communicating with precision
Who should say what to whom, and how

56 Different markets
57 The 3Ms of marketing (read extract from book)
58 To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question
59 How to be a great salesperson
60 You are the best salesperson
61 Customers are ‘ploggers’
62 Why advertising can lose you money
63 Marketing is the chief executive’s responsibility

Conclusion: We need both strategy and communications

Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success
63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs

“Marketing in minutes, on your mobile!”

“Smart Marketing for Creatives”

Strategic Planning Creative Marketing book in paperback and eBook formats
Creative Marketing book in paperback and eBook formats
Creative Marketing book in Audiobook format
Creative Marketing book in Audiobook format

“Easily the best book on marketing I’ve ever read.”
– Ray Hanks (watch video)

“I’ve been in the business of marketing and communications for a very long time and I’ve read a lot of books on the subject over the years, but I have to say this is absolutely my favourite.”
– Jan Peters (watch video)

Read reviews of this highly-acclaimed creative marketing book.