Crowdfunding – more info and inspiration

Whilst working with creative and digital businesses in New Zealand, I had the pleasure of meeting digital media guru Helen Baxter of Mohawk Media in Wellington’s creative quarter.

Helen has written about crowd-funding for Generator on The Big Idea, the home of New Zealand’s creative community. Written from a NZ angle, the articles provide additional information and inspiration for creative entrepreneurs everywhere.

On the page ‘Attracting a Crowd’, Helen says of crowdfunding, “Without a good promotional strategy across old and new media to back up your campaign, it’s like putting a poster on your bedroom wall and hoping the world will see it.”

Related articles explain more about Planning, Platforms and Performing. Platforms mentioned include New Zealand’s own Pledge Me, Australia’s Pozible, as well as internationally renowned KickStarter, Rocket Hub and Indiegogo. The advantages and disadvantages of various crowdfunding platforms are set out clearly in a table on the Platforms page.

As well as a wealth of information on this Generator site, there are links to David Branin’s Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet and a free eBook: The Crowdfunding Bible On Campaigns That Succeeded & Those That Failed.

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