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Superfans can boost your creative business

Nicholas Lovell calls them “Superfans”. Kevin Kelly has written about “True Fans”. These are the people who love what you do so much that they will buy everything you produce. Too often, creative businesses are obsessed with getting more customers instead of selling more to their best customers. Marketing is too often focused on winning …

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Raising Finance from Fans

Raising finance from loans or investments can be a major challenge for all types of businesses, and it’s especially difficult when credit is scarce and investors are feeling the pinch. So any alternative ways of raising funds are worth exploring. Enterprises in the creative, cultural and digital sector have creativity at the centre of their …

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Raising finance the AEV way in the cultural sector

Steve Messam is a talented artist – and a shrewd creative entrepreneur. Steve was approached by Cumbria Tourism in the UK to create an art installation to help publicise the launch of their campaign for cultural tourism. The budget offered was modest, so Steve put together a business case for a bigger budget. He knew …

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