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Marketing is not a fancy word for Selling

This extract is the introduction to the marketing book“Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success. 63 Techniques, Tips and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs” (paperback, eBook and Audiobook) Marketing is vital for any enterprise. But this is not because marketing is about promoting and selling products. Marketing is much more fundamental than that. It’s about designing your business …

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Selling hope, wrapped up in t-shirts

Cassandra Postema and Dong Shing Chiu (pictured) are in the business of selling hope, wrapped up in t-shirts called ‘Hope Tees’. Their Hong Kong creative enterprise is called ‘Dialog’ because it embodies an exchange of conversations between marginalised Asian textile craft wisdom and modern western design. The result is an attractive and fun range of …

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What are you selling, really?

If you’re a creative business or cultural enterprise, you are selling goods or services to customers, whether it’s graphic design, fashion, architecture, music, crafts, theatre, film or books. But what are you selling, really? Or to put it another way, what is it that the customer is really buying from you? It’s often the case …

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