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Leading Creative People

“We say it’s like herding cats!” was a comment about leading and managing creative people when I was a guest speaker at the Munich meeting of MAGNET – the Marketing and Advertising Global Network. My presentation to the owners of advertising agencies from around the world was on the subject of Leadership. One aspect they …

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Let’s license works like George Lucas

We can devise business models in the creative industries by learning how to license works of creativity profitably, following the example of George Lucas – and a self-employed commercial illustrator in a small city in Brazil. In this way a business can be devised to transform the owner from a creative labourer to a true …

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What are you selling, really?

If you’re a creative business or cultural enterprise, you are selling goods or services to customers, whether it’s graphic design, fashion, architecture, music, crafts, theatre, film or books. But what are you selling, really? Or to put it another way, what is it that the customer is really buying from you? It’s often the case …

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