Creative Hubs Development Project

David advised on creative hubs development at E3 Youth Development Hub in Nelspruit/Mbombela in South Africa.

He worked with founders Catherine Churchill and Iris Felix at E3 and also facilitated a workshop on the creative industries worldwide, to inform and inspire stakeholders and the wider community. This added to the local discussion about creative hubs development and how to apply global models to the local context.

Creative Hub Development workshop
Catherine Churchill and Iris Felix with David Parrish


David made a presentation at a workshop on “Unlocking the Creative Economy” in South Africa in November 2019.

“David’s keynote input on “Unlocking the Creative Economy” was simultaneously a fantastic way to finish a week’s worth of invaluable learning, and an inspiring way to kick-start further work in a sector that holds so much promise for the talented and creative youth of Mbombela, Mpumalanga.
David has a knack for storytelling that makes his extensive international experience as an expert in creative entrepreneurship both accessible and engaging.
Our sector stakeholders shared spontaneous post-event voice notes and thank you messages crediting David with opening their eyes to a world of possibilities in the creative industries.
Our aspiring creative entrepreneurs appreciated David’s expertise, his humour and his passion and all expressed that they had gained clarity, knowledge and inspiration from his “dope” experiences and extensive knowledge of the personal and professional journeys of creative entrepreneurs around the globe.
As an organisation, we had the opportunity to unpack and reflect on our business model as a Creative Hub, and with David’s insights and incisive advice, we are poised to take our services and our impact to the next level.”
– Catherine Churchill. E3 Youth Development Hub, South Africa.

Creative Hubs Development workshop

Creative Hubs Development workshop and event

Whilst working with E3 Youth Development Hub, David also designed and delivered a creative enterprise development workshop for young creative entrepreneurs.

David’s work in South Africa with E3 Youth Development Hub was sponsored by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.



David works worldwide with creative hubs, as a business adviser, trainer and speaker on creative entrepreneurship and as a consultant for creative hubs.