What is “T-Shirts and Suits” ?

I work internationally with creative people to help them make their businesses and organisations even more successful.

We do this by combining the best of their creativity with intelligent marketing and great business ideas that fit with their objectives – and their values.

My approach to business development combines the creative personality [the T-Shirt] with business thinking [the Suit].

I call this approach: “T-Shirts and Suits”.

T-Shirts and Suits is my way of thinking, my profession and my mission.

My book is called ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’.

T-Shirts and Suits is also my brand for my business advice, training and consultancy work in the creative industries sector.

In my capacity as director of T-Shirts and Suits Ltd I am also involved in various cultural industries projects including researching best practice in the creative industries internationally in partnership with UNESCO.

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