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Strategic Vision for Creative Businesses

Strategic Vision, Mission and Values for Creative Businesses and Cultural Organisations “A Vision says something that clarifies the direction in which an organisation needs to move.” – John P Kotter. Harvard Business Review. Vision, Mission and Values provide a focus for action: Vision describes where we are going – the ‘promised land’. Mission describes what […]

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Passion in business

“Do you have to abandon your creative passion to become more businesslike?” is a question I am sometimes asked when I’m talking with creative people in business. My answer is that passion is essential in a creative business. We need to harness it, not deny it. And we must stay true to our values as […]

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Get out more!

At the launch party for Creative Times Online, which was full of ‘creative industries’ people clustering together, I met a civil engineer. Civil/structural engineers don’t normally attend these gatherings of ‘creatives’ (fashion designers, musicians, writers, film-makers, advertisers, artists, website designers, broadcasters and publishers, graphic designers, performers, computer games programmers, designer-makers, etc.) So I was intrigued. […]

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