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Alienate and Embrace Customers

The most successful creative entrepreneurs deliberately alienate those customers who don’t matter in order to more strongly embrace those who really do matter. Not all customers are good customers and marketing is about choosing the right customers; it’s not about trying to please everyone. Of course this means you have to choose which customers not […]

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Profitable Collaborations

What are the essential elements of profitable collaborations when creative businesses work together? Some ideas about effective business collaborations in the creative industries are in these articles I’ve written: Creative Collaborations and other essential C-words published by Creative Choices (2009) Creating ‘Interprises’ published on the T-Shirts and Suits blog (2007) I’m interested in your experience […]

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New Business Models

Customers are more powerful than ever. Because of changes in technology, particularly the interactive internet (Web 2.0), there has been a fundamental and irreversible shift of power in favour of consumers. Creative business that embrace this change will thrive, by using new business models such as crowd-sourcing, viral marketing, crowd-financing, buzz marketing and plogging. The […]

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