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Design, Pricing and Profitability

Here’s a fascinating article in Wired magazine about the graphic design of restaurant menus. And here’s another menu analysed in terms of design and pricing. These are essential reading not only for graphic designers but for anyone in the creative industries interested in marketing and pricing. So that’s everyone then. Amongst other things it includes …

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Don’t hide from customers!

Why are you hiding from potential customers?! That’s what I think when a website invites me to contact “[email protected]” instead of a named person. Are there real people in there? If so, why are they hiding? Customers want to do business with people, not with a website. As a potential client, I want to know …

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Protecting – and profiting from – your Intellectual Property

How do you protect your creative works? And importantly – how do you generate income streams from your intellectual property? Creative people are rightly concerned about being ripped off, so we need to know more about how to protect our works by understanding and using intellectual property rights (IPR) such as copyright, trade marks, patents …

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