Creative businesses become even more successful with help from David Parrish.

Design, media and technology enterprises world-wide increase sales, prices and profits with David’s expert advice on marketing, leadership and business growth.

Creative and cultural businesses grow with the help of David’s training workshops, coaching and books on business growth, marketing, and creative entrepreneurship.

An international conference keynote speaker, David informs, entertains and inspires creative entrepreneurs to become even more successful by using smart business models, strategic marketing and profitable growth strategies.

In the video and testimonials below, business owners speak highly of David and the way he has helped them to achieve greater success in their creative enterprises through his creative industries business advice.

David’s work is internationally acclaimed. He helps clients by drawing on his own direct experience as an entrepreneur as well as his work helping hundreds of creative and digital businesses around the world. His direct experience is backed up by academic qualifications and professional accreditations.

David has helped hundreds of businesses in more than 30 countries to achieve greater success on their own terms, using smart business development techniques that fit with their creativity, ambitions and values.

Successful creative enterprises integrate creativity and business. David’s T-Shirts and Suits® approach helps creative people (‘T-Shirts’) use smart business thinking (‘Suits’).

David has written two books especially for creative businesses. He brings his own experience of setting up and growing businesses in the creative and cultural industries. He also shares the learning he has gained from working with hundreds of successful creative enterprises around the world. His creative industries business advice is backed up by academic and professional qualifications.

Photo of David Parrish with Chase One Rabbit books. Photo by Mark McNulty

David Parrish (Photo: Mark McNulty)

Here are a few examples of what people say about how they have benefited from David’s creative industries business advice, training, speaking and writing:

“David Parrish is a very inspirational speaker. The way he illustrates his points is excellent. He makes you laugh and instantly you start to think about your own ideas and projects.”
– Eli Folkestadaas. British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. Oslo, Norway.

“The choice to work with David was definitely the right one. In less than two days time we had crafted a cohesive short term and long term strategy that provides for desired growth, protects our IP, enables investment, and allows us to retain creative control of our technology. David’s ability to listen to your situation, to understand it, and then determine a course of action based on your specific needs and goals is rare and a makes David a joy to work with.”
– Aric Wanveer. Zero Gravity Creations LLC, Baltimore, USA

“David Parrish was a special guest of Creative Industries Summer School held in Moscow. Creative entrepreneurs from all over Russia said that David’s presentation was very inspiring, entertaining and very useful for them. His presentation “Creativity and Business: How to Succeed as a Creative Entrepreneur” was amazing and I am sure it will help develop creative entrepreneurship in Russia. David is a very bright and powerful expert.”
– Olga Kizina. Director. Creative Industries Agency. Moscow. Russia.

“Workshop participants were very impressed and inspired by David’s speech and book because he avoided using jargon, gave clear illustrations to describe what creative business is about and explained the general principles of running a creative business. He talked about some important issues, such as intellectual property, business formulas, knowing your competitors, knowing your market, and being prepared to say No.”
– HsinYi Ku. British Council, Taiwan

“David writes about creative business better than anyone I know.”

– Wayne Morris. The Creative Edge. New Zealand.

Read more testimonials about David’s work as a speaker, adviser, trainer and writer.

Photo of David Parrish by Cristina Poncu

David Parrish. (Photo: Cristina Poncu)

This website provides information and networks for creative people in business. It adds to the examples, ideas and inspiration found in David’s books and guides. You will find information, articles and examples about marketing, intellectual property, leadership, managing change, business growth, strategic planning, finance and business development. These are written especially for people leading and managing creative businesses and cultural enterprises in the creative and digital industries.

Dave Parrish has been directly involved in the creative economy for more than 20 years, as an entrepreneur, manager, company director, management consultant, business adviser, trainer, writer, and speaker.

For an insight into his personal background, business experience, values and his own perspective on creativity and business, read his story.

As an experienced and expert creative industries business adviser, management consultant, trainer, coach and mentor, David provides professional creative industries business advice to creative businesses in the following sub-sectors of the creative and digital industries:
advertising and public relations, architecture, product design, designer fashion, film and video, music, publishing, software and computer games, web design and e-commerce, television and radio, visual arts, photography, graphic design and illustration, crafts and the performing arts.

David’s work is international and he has helped businesses and individuals to develop through his training workshops and management consultancy projects. He is a creative industries keynote speaker. David has worked in countries and cultures as diverse as Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Jamaica, Korea (South), Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe – as well as in the UK.

David specialises in helping creative and digital media businesses, creative entrepreneurs and cultural enterprises with business development, growth strategies, business plans, innovation, strategic marketing, intellectual property, raising finance, business growth, collaborations and innovation. His services include management consultancy, creative industries business advice, marketing consultancy, growth coaching, mentoring, training workshops, seminars, presentations, speeches and writing.

He has extensive international networks of personal and professional contacts in the creative and digital industries. His contacts and networks have been built up over 20+ years of working in the creative and cultural sector as a business owner, manager, entrepreneur and creative industries management consultant. His networks, contacts and projects help him to keep up to date with trends and developments in the creative and cultural industries internationally. Through his networks, Dave Parrish is able to connect people and businesses locally and globally to form creative collaborations and complement creative talent with business expertise.

David Parrish at Hope University

David Parrish at Hope University

David inspires, informs and advises creative and digital businesses – and the agencies that support them. He empowers his clients by drawing on his own experience as a creative entrepreneur. His experience underpins his expertise as a qualified business advisor, marketing consultant, specialist professional trainer, published author and keynote speaker.

Sharing the best ideas about business with the international community of creative entrepreneurs goes hand in hand with David’s work as an expert consultant providing creative industries business advice, training, consultancy, mentoring and coaching. Writing, speaking and facilitating networks to help creative entrepreneurs complements his work as a creative business adviser, management trainer and creative industries speaker. He specialises in helping media, design and technology businesses world-wide on business growth, strategic marketing and leadership.

The T-Shirts and Suits Creative Enterprise Network is a free online network for the creative industries. This network enables creative entrepreneurs to share information, build networks and learn from each other. David Parish is the founder and co-ordinator of the T-Shirts and Suits Creative Enterprise Network.

Further detailed information about David’s projects, clients, qualifications, speaking, training, writing are on this website. There are also client testimonials about his creative industries business advice, expertise and style is available on this website.

Contact David’s offices in London, Liverpool or Manchester regarding business advice, training workshops, speaking engagements, writing assignments or projects to help creative and digital businesses and cultural enterprises world-wide.

Photo of David Parrish speaking in Valparaiso, Chile

David Parrish speaking in Valparaiso, Chile