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Ansoff’s Matrix for Creative Business Development

Strategies for creative business development and growth using Ansoff’s Matrix (or Ansoff Matrix). [Note: this article was updated in a response to the COVID-19 Crisis. See updated article which includes a new ‘COVID-19 Diversification Matrix’, adapted from the Ansoff Matrix, to devise strategic responses to COVID-19.) When advising creative and digital businesses about strategic marketing …

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Creative Business Guide

A useful and readable ‘Creative, Cultural and Digital Industries Guide’ has been published by Business Link West Midlands It is available in hardcopy from Business Link West Midlands and downloadable as a free eBook in PDF format below. This creative business guide was written by David Parrish, author of the book ‘T-Shirts and Suits: A …

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The LEGO Crowd

Lewis Pinault from Lego Serious Play addressed the Creative Clusters Conference in Glasgow – and I had fun making a duck (see photo). Lego Serious Play helps businesses think creatively using Lego in group settings to discuss business issues. For example entrepreneurs can express their shared vision for the business by first creating a model …

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